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Kim Kardashian

Baby Bulging at the Seams

3/26/2013 2:40 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0326_kim_kardashian_SplashGettyMom jeans and stretch pants be damned, because Kim Kardashian isn't letting a little thing like carrying an unborn child to term stop her from wearing skin tight uncomfortable leather maternity dresses.

By the grace of God, the 32-year-old mom-to-be somehow managed to stay upright in a pair of sky high stiletto heels and successfully wedge all of her childbearing hips, ass and thighs into a form fitting mustard yellow sheath while maneuvering through the streets of NYC on Tuesday.

Pregnancy can be so constricting.


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Pregnancy does not suit her. Way way way too much bulging in every place

542 days ago


Stop wearing clothing like this. Leather dress when you're pregnant???? She's so rediculous

542 days ago


I've seen some beautiful pregnant women in my day, but this is not one of them! This picture is wrong on so many levels, I just don't know where to start.

1. No matter how hard you try, tight leather & pregnancy just isn't going to work.
2. This celebrity hair style is getting really old, really fast. It makes her head look huge!
3. Wearing a ton of makeup doesn't bring out the natural glow of a pregnant women, it just buries it.
4. Um, 3-4 inch spikes, are you kidding me?
5. Are you sure she is actually pregnant? She's gained an unrealistic amount of weight between the released photos that I've seen. Plus she certainly doesn't act like any pregnant women I've known or been around. I'm honestly starting to think someone else is carrying this baby. The only thing POSITIVE about this pregnancy, is that there will be a few interesting twists and turns before the baby arrives...

542 days ago


I absolutely hate when pregnant women try to dress like this. You are miserable, wear something comfortable! Stop wearing those heels! You're carrying a baby in your belly and you're going to totter and be off balance!

542 days ago


All that $ and she still CHOOSES to look like a cheap hooker.

542 days ago

all about the money    


542 days ago


Wow, is she letting kanye dress her now? Desperate. He must be making her more unattractive so its easier to dump her large ass in a bit. I think shes being punked!! Lmao! (To Kim k...stop, you are NOT mother material. Just!)

542 days ago


Im pregnant with my 4 th and NEVER have I been that FAT! Shes the exact same height as me!

542 days ago



542 days ago


You can't whine to the media about how everyone is calling you fat when you where heinous outfits like that. She needs to be wearing outfits that flatter her expanding figure, not accentuate it! She looks like a pumpkin stuffed in a stocking.

542 days ago


Hey Kimmode, where's your baby daddy KHUM-YEAH?

542 days ago


I can't believe I'm going to say this but even with her huge giganticly disgusting lard a$$, she actually looks better from the back than from the front. I hope this doesn't sound like a complement to her because its not. I didn't think anything could top how grotesque she looks from behind, but its been done, she has beat her own record.

542 days ago

bright eyez    

wow. I think she would actually cry from some of these comments.

542 days ago


f sky high stiletto heels and successfully wedge all of her childbearing hips, ass and thighs into a form fitting mustard yellow sheath while maneuvering through the streets of NYC. I knew she was a hooker this whole time that's explains it.

542 days ago

johnny Inquizio    

Its going to be hilarious when the DNA test comes back on that kid and its not Kayne's. She is going to be scrambling to call every NFL, NBA, and gangsta rapper on the planet trying to figure out which one knocked her up.

542 days ago
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