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Kim Kardashian

Baby Bulging at the Seams

3/26/2013 2:40 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0326_kim_kardashian_SplashGettyMom jeans and stretch pants be damned, because Kim Kardashian isn't letting a little thing like carrying an unborn child to term stop her from wearing skin tight uncomfortable leather maternity dresses.

By the grace of God, the 32-year-old mom-to-be somehow managed to stay upright in a pair of sky high stiletto heels and successfully wedge all of her childbearing hips, ass and thighs into a form fitting mustard yellow sheath while maneuvering through the streets of NYC on Tuesday.

Pregnancy can be so constricting.


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She looks like a slut! God help this baby, with two idiot parents what chance does it have??

584 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Maybe it's just a "black thang" but I just don't see how anyone could find that ass attractive. I don't care who she is it just isn't appealing.

584 days ago


Wouldn't something nice and breezy for Spring work better for you ? Also, wear flats or one-inch heals. At least you won't trip and harm the baby. This simply looks dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable and unflaterring.

584 days ago


Kris Humphries is probably soooo happy that he didn't knock KK up...he may want to agree to a divorce just so he doesn't have to see how fat she is in May when they go to court. Imagine how enormous she'll be then, and she won't be able to fit her fat swollen feet in high heels.

584 days ago


You just know in 10 years K will be one harry, obese babooshka who never leaves the compound.

584 days ago

Trooper Tom    

And you know this was a "photo op" arranged by this cheap nasty skank. The media needs to get a grip this is a vain, vapid no class shameless skank who will do any thing for media attention and the suckers in the media fall for it

584 days ago


Her azz is going to be so big after she delivers I would stick my face in it.

584 days ago


That dress is almost the same color as SAW

584 days ago


That dress is almost the same color as Ray Js urine

584 days ago


I wish the media would stop publicizing Kim & her clothes. She is dressing that way so that everyone can make comments about her every day & she is kept in the public eye. Famous for video, famous for short marriage, famous for dressing in a ridiculous way while pregnant. She is simply an egomaniac looking for any kind of attention; negative or otherwise

584 days ago

Daniella Bella     

She's ruined!. OMG will SOMEONE tell her to STOP already!!!!

584 days ago


Doesn't look like she's really pregnant to me,anyone can stuff their clothes to look like they are,just look at Beyonce!

584 days ago


Amber Rose is sitting at home seeing these pictures and laughing her fool bloody head off. Amber was amazingly beautiful and glowing right from the get go. Amber Rose also put on quite a bit of baby weight but she dressed snappy and looked like a stunning pregnant woman, NOTHING like Karstoogian here. I don't care if she gains weight but dressing yourself like this as he become bigger is NOT showing off your pregnancy curves, it looks like nothing more than Vanity and wanting to look slimmer. Stop it, you're supposed to be pregnant, embrace it, love it, be proud of it.

584 days ago


These girls (her and her sisters) do not think correct, they have no common sense. Kim looks like a beached whale.

584 days ago


nothing attractive about that. good grief.

584 days ago
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