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Kim Kardashian

Baby Bulging at the Seams

3/26/2013 2:40 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0326_kim_kardashian_SplashGettyMom jeans and stretch pants be damned, because Kim Kardashian isn't letting a little thing like carrying an unborn child to term stop her from wearing skin tight uncomfortable leather maternity dresses.

By the grace of God, the 32-year-old mom-to-be somehow managed to stay upright in a pair of sky high stiletto heels and successfully wedge all of her childbearing hips, ass and thighs into a form fitting mustard yellow sheath while maneuvering through the streets of NYC on Tuesday.

Pregnancy can be so constricting.


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Kanye should get her a bell to wear around her neck.

554 days ago


There are no words in the dictionary to discribe this. There should have been a warning before viewing.

554 days ago


I LOVE how she tried saying she doesn't weight 200 lbs and ony weighs 140. There is NO way in hell she only weighs 140 and this picture proves it! Sorry.

554 days ago


She looks like a whore

554 days ago

judy jetson    

What a fat ass!!! She's going to weigh 400 lbs before the spawn of Satan is born.

554 days ago


Good gravy - what a ho bag

554 days ago


Either she just came out of another Botox session or her face is getting really puffy from the extra poundage.

554 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Kimie visited her OB/GYN and while they were in his private office, the first thing he did was ask her to get on all fours. Kim did as told and the doctor asked her to crawl about 15 feet to the corner of the room. Kardashian did as told, and then the Dr. said to move all the way to the other corner of the room, which she did.
After she got there, she finally said "Doctor, what is all of this crawling around your office for? Is it some kind of new test?"
The Doctor Replied "No test, I just bought a new leather sofa and wanted to see how it will look in the office".

554 days ago


She looks like a giant turd. Wait a minute...she IS a giant turd. Perfect outfit!

554 days ago


She looks awful!!

554 days ago


Shar pei.

554 days ago


Hey guys, what if Kanye knocked this ho up on purpose to let her blow up like the Sta-Puft marshmallow man, force her to wear completely unflattering clothes, and then dump her during the final trimester, just to finally put an end to her 15 minutes. I mean, isn't that the way you'd expect a porn star to be treated?

554 days ago

my 2 cents    

Here's the deal. On the last episode of K & K Miami, Kim's money manager tells her if she wants that spankin expensive new home, she needs to cut back on her shopping sprees. Therefore, she cannot afford maternity clothes, and will wear whatever she can squash her ass into. Another 4 months of ridiculous outfits for the world to see.

554 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Please someone needs to tell this fat, ugly, gypsy adultering tramp, that if she wants people to stop complaining about how fat she is, why the hell doesnt she smarten up and stop dressing like a fat ugly stupid street walker. She is a fat disgusting whore who will do anything to stay inm the media spotlight. What happened to her gay giggilo, Kanya. Notice how he is nowhere to be seen when this pig decides to go ut in public??? OH yeah he is banging some skinny, stupid guy or low life street whore while his woman goes out. They are both disgusting.

554 days ago


You know, if she wants to show off her curves, why not go out and get some nice cotton stretch dresses or some light wool clothing. Jessica Simpson was huge during her first pregnancy but still wore nice maternity wear. The fact that this woman wants to wear tight fitting LEATHER OUTFITS with matching Three inch *** fcuk me shoes just proves that her vanity is stronger than her unborn child's health.
BTW, 140 lbs my ass. I weighed 98lbs when my first pregnancy rolled around, I gained 62lbs and weighed 160... when I went in and gave birth to an eleven pound baby. I was just about the size of her now after my nine months.
This still cracks me up. Last week TMZ posted that photo of her going into her Depo and a week later she's put on what....THIRTY POUNDS? Now we know the EXCLUSIVE photo you got was taken months before her depo last week.

554 days ago
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