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Kim Kardashian

Baby Bulging at the Seams

3/26/2013 2:40 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0326_kim_kardashian_SplashGettyMom jeans and stretch pants be damned, because Kim Kardashian isn't letting a little thing like carrying an unborn child to term stop her from wearing skin tight uncomfortable leather maternity dresses.

By the grace of God, the 32-year-old mom-to-be somehow managed to stay upright in a pair of sky high stiletto heels and successfully wedge all of her childbearing hips, ass and thighs into a form fitting mustard yellow sheath while maneuvering through the streets of NYC on Tuesday.

Pregnancy can be so constricting.


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she looks absolutely ridiculous

542 days ago


And to think there is actually women that think of this trash as a fashion icon. WORST DRESSED PREGNANT WOMAN IN HOLLYWOOD! Desperate to still be considered hot and a sex symbol while pregnant.

542 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

The photo on the right was taken with the new patented KWA Lens. Inspired by the desire to capture Kardashian ass with one snap. The Kardashian Wide Assed Lens has arrived.

542 days ago


Isn't she going to be surprised when the baby is born and she is still a PLUS SIZE. Does this woman own any mirrors? AND those shoes - is she kidding? A pregnant woman can still exercise!

542 days ago


I read on another site that she said she only weighs 140 lbs, if thats true she must be less than 4ft tall...

542 days ago


Where? Which way is she having it? Front or the rear?

542 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    


542 days ago


Does Kim own anything that wasn't made from a dead animal?

542 days ago


"Her TASTE is in her mouth"

542 days ago


she is becoming a parody, she actually makes pregnancy and motherhood look ugly, who is dressing this wretched woman Stevie Wonder??? Who leaves their house looking like this??? What a hot mess.

542 days ago


Did anyone see that comment she made about being only 140 pounds?! Yeah right, KK! Apparently she took offense at some magazine that estimated she weighed 200 pounds and she said they were "off by 60 pounds" lol...okay, whatever you say, girl! For what it's worth, I gained a ton with my first pregnancy also. It was NOT healthy and NOT okay despite what she is trying to say to the public. She is misinformed. If she is putting this much weight on this fast, she is at risk for Gestational Diabetes and that's no fun and can cause health issues for your newborn. It's a serious thing, KK!! As for her wardrobe - are we surprised this superficial twit is refusing to look and act like a pregnant woman? Look how she tears down her own sister for not being shallow and vain! I can only hope that she gets HUGE and has a TON of stretch marks to follow! I knew she'd gain a ton with a pregnancy though - she's probably going to blow up like a balloon with she hits menopause and her hormones go all outta whack.

542 days ago


4 months to go. He he he.

542 days ago


Gag me with a spoon.

542 days ago


She is just plain FAT.
She's what 5 months along?
I know she's short but she appears to have already put on ALL her baby weight.
You put the most weight on in your final month and at the rate she's going she'll be on 100% bed rest by her 7 th month.
She better pray there are triplets hiding in there!

542 days ago


Kim puleeease stop letting Kanye dress you!!!! Listen go to the maternity shop--- that's where pregnant woman go, like you, to buy good fitting clothes- and buy yourself some, because this crap you've been squeezing yourself into is not working for you hon.

542 days ago
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