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Paul Anka



3/26/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Anka -- one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time -- is calling out Jay-Z ... telling TMZ the rapper treated him like a chump ... and now Anka is PISSED.

Anka was outside Madeo restaurant in L.A. last night, when we asked about his upcoming album "Duets" -- which features collaborations with legends like Willie Nelson, Gloria Estefan and Dolly Parton.

But you know who isn't on the album? Jigga ... because according to Anka, Mr. Knowles didn't have the common courtesy to return a simple phone call!!!

Anka says he feels completely disrespected -- and says Jay acted "inappropriately" towards him ... especially since Jay once sampled Anka's biggest hit "My Way" on a rap song.

Now, Anka is escalating his anger into a full on war of the music titans -- and even took a shot back at Jay-Z.

Not many people in the music biz would have the stones to go after Hova ... then again, not many people would have the stones to disrespect Anka either.


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Jay-Z did the same thing to Robert De Niro and De Niro confronted Jay-Z for not calling him back. I see a pattern here.

555 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

Can we be real here it's Jay-Z do you think he has time to talk on the phone lets be real

555 days ago


Butch walker is best writer of all time

555 days ago


Paul Anka is a veteran businessman in the music industry! He has been in this business way before JZ. JZ should be flattered Paul considered him for his project. Paul is not going to waste his time thinking about JZ's lack of business etiquette. He has better things to do.

555 days ago


Paul Anka quitcha bitchin'.... Duet? Jay isn't a fame Whore like Harveys' tone deaf ass....

555 days ago


First of all Jay Z had his own money before meeting Beyonce so his name is Mr,Carter not Mr,Knowles second of all maybe he was to busy to contact him right away wow just because he didn't return a call Anika is upset alot of ppl forget to return calls stop making things worser then they are Mr,Anika.

555 days ago


i loath rhyming rap crap-it sux! jay z and all the boyz who make million$ off of silly wanna be gangsta's-no i aint racist i don't like white rhymers either-this shiz has been around for tooooo long-only reason j.t.'s shows are selling is because j.t- alone----don't know why he is ruining his songs by putting jz in them-they sound classy until this idiot comes out jiggin it up and effing it up-whatever happened to real r&b music-marvin gaye was awesome and will always be-this rap r&b crap is just awful and makes celebrities out of talentless punks-hey j.t.-, leave the gangstas outcha music, i know it's all a ploy for street cred=you don't need validation by jz, he needs you-his shows don't sell that well cause in truth everyone just sux up 2 him, i don't think anyone think he b all that anymore

555 days ago


There is not much respect for the elders, if not for them, there would be no music for todays artists to sample from, Our pioneers of music. Jay Z is the epitomy of disrespect in all aspects of life. Satans Spawn.

555 days ago


what do u expect from a boot lip.

555 days ago


Jay Z is da Who would want to do a song with this Dinosaur Anka, Ol' imma get another face lift ass n!gga.

555 days ago


Love that beat.

555 days ago


You can say what u want about Jay Z but he had his own money so his name is Mr,Carter not Mr,Knowels second of all he didnt return a phone call so Mr,Anika is mad get over it alot of us forget or dont return phone calls we dont go around starting wars over it if he is a big celebrity he shouldnt b worrying about who didnt return his call.Wow ppl just like to keep alot of drama going on this is not preffering to TMZ Im talikng about Mr,Anika. Wheather u like Jay Z or not wish i love him and B his a brillant business man and hace his own fortunes.

555 days ago


"Times of Our Lives" is a great Anka song...that 1970's orchestrated pop that we'll never get to hear again....shame.

555 days ago


It doesn't take "stones" to disrespect somebody, just a lack of manners.

555 days ago


Dear TMZ-------I think its a little far fetched to call Paul Anka one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time.....In my books, he wouldn't even place in the top 200!

555 days ago
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