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Sean Penn's Son

RAMS Photog

F*** You N***er

3/27/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

              **Warning: Video contains graphic and offensive language**

Sean Penn
's son handled a paparazzo in Beverly Hills today much the way his father used to ... violently ramming the photog -- and also calling the guy a "f***ot" and a "n***er."

19-year-old Hopper Penn was following his dad into a medical building when he got into the altercation with an African-American photographer (not TMZ's).

The nuclear exchange was all caught on tape ... Hopper gets up in the photog's face, pushing him, then says, "F*** you ... you're a f***ing f***ot ... shut up you f***ing n***er."

Cops happened to be nearby at the time and heard the commotion. Law enforcement sources tell us, officers asked what happened ... but the photog said it was just a verbal argument, and he didn't want to press charges.

Hopper tells TMZ his side of the story is ... “I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal - threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions." 

He adds, "I deeply regret my choice of words.”

FYI, Sean was 100% calm and cool in today's video.

It's been nearly four years since Sean's infamous kicking altercation with a photog. He was sentenced to three years probation stemming from that incident.



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lil penn and the papp both sound like they deserve to be reviled. kenya moore is fyne. id crack that black back in half.

539 days ago


Where's the video, douche-bags?

539 days ago


screw penn and chavez..........

539 days ago


Ok let me start by saying penns use of the n word was inexcusable. That being said and having watched the video it was the photog who incited the incident. Seems as if penn jr was walking past when the photog obviously not getting what he wanted from him became quite verbally expressive. Since when does being a celebrity mean your whole life is open to the public incluuding doctors visits and why involve the children of celebrities. Most paparazzi are the douche bags imo

539 days ago


My bad... I meant to say agressive not expressive

539 days ago


He's a F**King azz hole white trash ugly as hell I see why he's mad at the world he's the real ****** !!!!!!!

539 days ago


People say what they REALLY FEEL when they are angered. I'm black and I've never used racist words when I've been upset at other races. There are so manny other words to choose, racist words are signs of weakness and ignorance.

539 days ago


I don't like Sean Penn....

He is a far-left, socialist, bleeding heart, pantywaist, give-away, liberal democrat...

With that said, i didn't like the way the photog guy accosted the boy, and KEPT EGGING THE BOY ON...

In conclusion, when it comes to that photog guy, i agree with everything Sean's boy said....

The photog guy thinks he is "entitled" to accost people just because they are celebrities...

We need to rewrite the "FIRST AMENDMENT" to preserve "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" only for citizens, and ELIMINATE the "FREEDOM OF THE PRESS" part...

539 days ago


And right at :32 I could see the bi$&@ in him like he was surprised at himself for actually calling him a fa$&t. Probably never fought in his life except to get his a$$ kicked.

539 days ago

Mike Jefferson    

These liberals always show their true colors; that they are racist elitists who despise common everyday people. What garbage they are.

539 days ago


I happen to know Hopper. This is not the real him. He's worked for a non-profit Marriage Equality group for the last year, and he genuinely believes in its purpose.

I believe this was a case where a young man felt threatened and did what younger people do: resort to the simplest, most hateful words in our collective vocabulary. Those are the most immediate phrases that we learn as members of American society that will hurt someone deeply.

To claim that this is the real him is simplistic and naive. From personal experience, he's a kind and genuine human being who's temper caught the best of him.

This is the equivalent of accusing a young person who tries drugs one time of being a drug addict. Don't accuse like this based solely on this "in-your-face" invasion. it's unfair for someone so young who wants nothing to do with celebrity culture.

539 days ago


The acorn doesn't fall far from the dead brained tree.

539 days ago


Ah, give the kid a break ...He's just another STUPID BIGOT!

539 days ago


Need a clue ? Look who raised him. A communist liberal poofer.

539 days ago


These animals are liberals. Typical hypocritical liberals.

539 days ago
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