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'Teen Mom' Star

Pathetic Excuses


3/26/2013 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham just admitted to drinking and driving before she was busted for  DUI last week ... but she's convinced she's done NOTHING wrong.

The 21-year-old called in to TMZ Live moments ago with a litany of ridiculous excuses for getting behind the wheel under the influence last week ... you won't believe how delusional she is.

TMZ broke the story ... Abraham was arrested in Nebraska on St. Patrick's Day night -- after blowing a .147 on a breathalyzer, nearly twice the legal limit.

And don't forget those crazy pics of her partying back in January ... drinking from the bottle and kissing chicks ... she knows how to get down.



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576 days ago


seriously?! who watches a show about teens underage that have kids? its just promoting more underage kids having kids to become "famous".

576 days ago


are you kidding me What a DUMBASS!

576 days ago


Her face is as long as her torso. Maybe thats why she drinks.

576 days ago


To the haters: According to a recent study, 43 percent of TMZ posters have had at least one DUI.

576 days ago


Omg...this girl is THE definition of bitch! Her parents are saints for putting up with her. And seriously farrah, WHO THE HELL boozes and drives period much less on st Patrick's day?!?! Epitome of selfish spoiler brat, and horrible mother.

576 days ago


A DUI is a DUI. She's wrong for that and regardless of what she thinks, she's going to face the consequences of it. That said, what does her dancing around in lingerie and making out with other girls have to do with it? So because she likes to party it up on her (presumably) night's off, that makes her REALLY guilty? C'mon. She's guilty of the DUI, but this is where you guys lose credibility. You start throwing extraneous stuff in there like you are making a point, but you're actually clouding it. Whether these photos of her ever surfaced doesn't make her any more or any less guilty. Try and just stick with the story sometimes, TMZ. You don't need to try so hard to sway everyone.

576 days ago


Ps. Not a fan of the show and hardly know who this person is, but the way these stories get presented on here sometimes make my head spin.

576 days ago


lock her up and throw away the key

576 days ago


What white trash! I bet she smells like week old grilled cheese.

576 days ago



576 days ago


Being a teen mom has NOTHING to do with this. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. How many grown ass adults with no kids or who had kids after marriage or late in life have gotten DUI's? It's on this website quite often. Anyways, I didn't want to get sidetracked with that, what I actually wanted to say was:
"That's why I had a SOBER friend with me!"
"Why wasn't she driving then?"
"She doesn't have a license to drive my car."
WHAT! This girl has been raised to have this snooty ass attitude that nobody can tell her anything. She's always right how dare you challenge her. I can't stand this girl. And her excuse about banging the window with her head cause she was a soccer player and knows to use her head when she can't use her hands...I can't believe her attorney let her call in.

576 days ago


LOL this chick's got every excuse in the book,

"I wasn't drinking while getting arrested" - Really? So you didn't have a cup filled with alcohol as the cops pulled you over? Right because THAT'S the point.

"I wasn't trying to drink" - okay so people were forcing the alcohol down your throat? Are you trying to Lohan the situation? Blaming everyone but yourself for being in your situation?

"I wasn't driving" - Um I think the cops would beg to differ. Keys in ignition, car in motion, on a public street, is driving.

576 days ago


That girl is damn sexy!

576 days ago


You can tell she use to her mother believing her dumb a$$ excuses. Cause she thinks we're just as gullible. Awe lil grasshopper you have much to learn about public speaking

576 days ago
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