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James Holmes

I'll Plead GUILTY ...

to Avoid Death Penalty

3/27/2013 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is prepared to enter a guilty plea in the cold-blooded killings of 12 people in exchange for life in prison instead of the death penalty ... this according to Holmes' lawyer.

Holmes' legal team offered the plea deal to prosecutors during a court session earlier today ... but according to the AP, prosecutors did not immediately accept the offer.

Prosecutors have not commented on Holmes' offer yet -- but it's likely they will consult with the families of the victims before reaching a decision.

Besides the 12 people he killed, Holmes shot an additional 58 people in the Century movie theater in Aurora, CO on the night of July 20, 2012. He was charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.


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Chicken ****... Face it. Embrace it.

520 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Funny how the media never points this out - this coward goes out and kills vulnerable innocent people - but when faced with death - he cowards at the thought.

All you get from media - "mass shooter." They idolize this cowardice without pointing out how these clowns are nothing but cowards exploiting vulnerable people.

520 days ago



520 days ago


It feels so good to say, “Fry him,” and if anyone ever deserved the death penalty, it is this guy. However, if you look into the death penalty, as it currently is in our country, not the way you wish it was, it takes up to two decades to exhaust the mandatory appeals and can cost far more than life in prison. The victims’ families often say the death penalty does not bring closure but keeps their wounds open for far too many years resulting in them being unable to move forward. I applaud asking the victims’ families what they want; they should have a say. If we are going to keep the death penalty on the books, it needs to be revamped to be effective.

520 days ago


Lett ma ***** james free!!!! He didn't do nothing!!!!

520 days ago


He deserves to suffer in jail and know what he did was wrong. Death penalty will just let him win, don't let him win prosecutors!

520 days ago


See, this is why capital punishment is so important. This s***, after such an evil act, live another 50-60+ years at the people's expense?? Put him down like the rabid beast he is.

520 days ago


Shameful...To bad those innocent people he murdered didn't have a choice.

520 days ago


He must not be crazy if he cares whether he lives or dies.

520 days ago


How nice for him. Son of a bitch murders a bunch of innocent people in cold blood then gets to plead guilty to save his own life.
I think if he gets to take a plea bargain he should have to do his time in General Population......

520 days ago


He's an animal that didn't give anyone else in that movie theater a choice. Why should he have a say in anything??? Gotta love America.

520 days ago


He's sane enough to know he doesn't want the death penalty. Screw him.

520 days ago


YES waste of space. they should take him out back and find a know the rest. '';-((

520 days ago

buzz kill    

In any case they will fry him fast just like they did Timothy McVeigh. Dead men tell no lies. When was the last time someone on death row was executed in less than a year?

520 days ago


how can a supposedly insane person make a plea deal? Wouldn't that mean he's sane and rational?

520 days ago
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