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Justin Bieber

I Didn't Spit on Him ...

I Didn't Threaten to Kill Him

3/27/2013 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is adamant his neighbor is LYING -- insisting he NEVER spat or threatened to kill anyone during a heated exchange at his home in Calabasas ... sources close to the singer tell TMZ. 

Our sources tell us ... the singer isn't denying that he confronted his neighbor when the guy stormed on to his property early Tuesday morning ... but Bieber is saying things never turned physical. 

As we first reported, the neighbor was steaming mad when he confronted Bieber ... and yelled at Justin for racing his Ferrari around the private community at breakneck speeds.

We're told Justin believes he had a right to engage the guy in the argument ... but the singer is telling people no spit ever left his mouth. JB also insists he never threatened to do the neighbor any harm.

Plus, our sources tell us ... Justin's camp believes the neighbor was trespassing during the entire incident.


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I believe him that he didn't spit in his face. Babies and toddlers tend to drool a lot,so when confronted and disciplined the drool starts flying during a tantrum.

577 days ago

The Big Bowowski    

Three words of advice for the neighbor in case of future incidents....DO***ENTATION, DO***ENTATION, and DO***ENTATION. Cellies have video and cameras....even if shot from afar. Another point is that it's sure as hell not trespassing to walk over to your next door neighbors house to ask them to stop doing things that are not only obnoxious, but possibly dangerous to others in the surrounding community. Look, most anybody who reads these threads, and is not a 12 year old girl, knows that Justine Beaver is a straight up punkazz who wouldn't have the stones to do anything to anyone who weighs over 100lbs. without his "security" team around to fight his battles.

577 days ago


Wasn't he just going to kick some photographer's ass when he came out of the hospital? I believe his words were "I'll beat the f**k out of you." So who do I believe? Hmmm....

577 days ago

billy cema    

People like Selena Gomez, Octomom and Kevin Federline smell easy prey; after they're through getting what they want, other sharks start moving in as they smell blood. Easy prey is what they're after. It's an uncivilized world we live in and the JB's attract savages who smell weakness as they perceive it.
I'm no fan of Justin B. or Justin T. or any of them. Just calling it as I see it!

577 days ago


I think it's pathetic that some celebrities get away with stupid stuff like this and I bet that he little miss justin won't face any consequences for acting like a complete idiot like speeding in a residential area! He and Others like Lindsey Lohan for example are Complete Idiots with money!

577 days ago


His eyes reflect how wasted he is.

577 days ago


Regardless if he spit on the neighbor or not I think he was totally wrong for speeding I put myself in the neighbors position and i think he has all the right to bring it to Justins attention with the simple fact was that not only was he putting his own life in danger but also putting others I mean he could have run a kid over crashed in to someones property who knows!

577 days ago


Steroids are rotting Justin's brain... pretty soon, he won't have any talent at all, but he might have a few bulges where his muscles should be. I hope it's worth it Justin. I suppose your mom now is enjoying your money, and has no more influence on you~ so sad to see that... she brought you up right~ and then she allowed influences in your life that changed you ... all for the love of money.

577 days ago


Justin is on steroids, he is wanting to change himself from looking like a boy, thus the tattoos. I am afraid that the steroids are changing him and making him angry. This is not fact, but just my thoughts on everything that's been going on lately.

577 days ago


I am usually a peace, love, and banjo kind of girl, but every time I see a photo of that no-talent toddler in his giant trucker hat with his eyebrows raised it makes me want to beat him to death with a baseball bat. If he ever spits on me he better have already written his will.

577 days ago


Hmm. I'm thinking the neighbor may be smart enough to know that filing a false report with the police can get him in big lie

577 days ago


Bieber is nothing but a thug in training. Why doesn't the gated community put up some speed bumps to stop the racing?

577 days ago


There are witnesses to what he did. So saying you didn't do it doesn't make it so.

577 days ago


Give them both a lie detector test. I am sure neither of them are hard enough to bluff it.

577 days ago


Eyes muy glassy..lil stoner! Plain as day.

577 days ago
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