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Justin Bieber

I Didn't Spit on Him ...

I Didn't Threaten to Kill Him

3/27/2013 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is adamant his neighbor is LYING -- insisting he NEVER spat or threatened to kill anyone during a heated exchange at his home in Calabasas ... sources close to the singer tell TMZ. 

Our sources tell us ... the singer isn't denying that he confronted his neighbor when the guy stormed on to his property early Tuesday morning ... but Bieber is saying things never turned physical. 

As we first reported, the neighbor was steaming mad when he confronted Bieber ... and yelled at Justin for racing his Ferrari around the private community at breakneck speeds.

We're told Justin believes he had a right to engage the guy in the argument ... but the singer is telling people no spit ever left his mouth. JB also insists he never threatened to do the neighbor any harm.

Plus, our sources tell us ... Justin's camp believes the neighbor was trespassing during the entire incident.


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Mf Paola     

Haha He Never Said He Would Kill Him, But He Did Say He Was Gonna Beat The **** Out Of Him. You See The Difference ? ;0

576 days ago

Nasious Cordova    

The problem with being a prick in the public eye is the fact that anyone can come out of the woodwork making claims of his bad behavior, and who would doubt it. Another bad side effect of being a douche, Justin.

576 days ago


I'm no fan, but I think it's pretty pathetic that grown ADULTS are commenting on a KID! I think you guys are just jealous that you will NEVER achieve what he has. Worry about your own kids, and let this kid live his life!!! Geez....

576 days ago


He threatened to kill the photog just recently. Was jumping out of his car and threatened to kill him and had to be restrained. Boy is getting to be a mess at L.L. level.

576 days ago


Little girl melt down.. All the money all the fame you will lose at this game. Every single star except madonna has lost it.. Music careers Better recognize little ms. Beaver. Ur set up to fail! I still smell a brittney breakdown coming..can't wait.. Better than the housewives reunion.. I'm sure... Hahahaha... Skinny little dike lookin thing...

576 days ago


Not sure how this kid thinks he doesn't come off as a first class jerk...

576 days ago


I believe the neighbor and hope security video cameras have proof of his reckless speeding. I also
believe the neighbor's report of Bieber spitting on him
and threatening him.

576 days ago


I don't believe him, he threw a few hissy fits with our media whilst here in Australia.....Self entitled little thing who think's he's better than everyone else......Who wants to bet in about 10 years time he'll be knocking off a 7 eleven and trying to relive his fame as he saves up for a second pair of pants since he'll most likely blow his millions on crap.

Man up and admit it Justin! better yet go away into oblivion and never come back!

576 days ago


Sorry Beibs, you're not an American. You don't have any rights.

576 days ago


i am so sick dumb little ****! so his people are going to bitch about the neighbor trespassing on the property yet its ok for dumbass to be flying around the community doing 100mph? hes damn lucky some kid didnt run out into the street and get hit and killed.

576 days ago


Oh please, send this candy ass to a Newark NJ lockup and let him do some HARD time. Should make him sing soprano for an extra ten years.

576 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

I know you guys just love it when a celeb falls from their little pedestals, but you have to remember that they are just regular people. He isn't acting any different than any other 19 year old. He is trying to act like an adult, and doing things HE thinks adults do. Drugs, fights, girls etc. And he just went through a breakup which seems like the end of the world when you're that age. I'm not a beiber fan by any means, not my cup-o-tea, but really, is he doing anything any of you didn't do?

576 days ago


Put him in jail already

576 days ago


Here's a guy who got so lucky, and millions upon million on the predictable behavior of young girls. He could be feeding impoverished, abused, and abandoned children; funding medical research, std awareness, and sustainable ecosystems; a retired, private young gentlemen living in Bermuda.

Instead, "he didn't spit in the guys face, and threaten to kill anyone?"

Somebody needs to find a way to be grateful, before they are the cause of their undoing.

Most people would dream to have that money, just to put their lives and family together, and the same people wouldn't be so incredibly selfish.

I feel sorry for youngster who keep this venomous, and inane male bimbo an object of their adornment.

576 days ago

Just saying    

What this Justin Bieber haters ! Leave Justin alone bunch of jealous people here and money hungry neighbor ,for his neighbor next time let the police handle it and don't go over looking for trouble take it upon your own hand and the cry wolf

576 days ago
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