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Justin Bieber

Vehicular Terror In Neighborhood

3/27/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a menace on wheels, driving at speeds approaching 100 mph in his quiet neighborhood and endangering children and dogs ... this according to multiple residents.

We broke the story ... one of Justin's neighbors filed a battery report Tuesday after a heated altercation on the singer's property in his uber-exclusive gated community in Calabasas.  

Justin's security people say the neighbor went nuclear over parties that were thrown at the Bieb's house while he was performing in Europe.  But we're hearing a VERY different story from neighbors.

We've learned the man who confronted Justin told Sheriff's deputies ... the singer was driving "unbelievably recklessly" through the neighborhood in his Ferrari.  The man -- whose hobby is racing cars -- estimated Justin's speed at 100 mph.  He told cops he was really upset because at the time Justin was burning rubber (just before 9 AM) his wife was walking the dog.

The man also says a lot of kids were on the street because of Spring break, and Justin put the entire neighborhood at risk.  Multiple neighbors back his story.

We're told the man was NOT upset by the partying at Justin's house.  He said it was "no big deal."  But he admits he was "smoking hot" when he went to Justin's home to tell him what an inconsiderate jerk he was by driving at breakneck speed in the hood.

The man -- who is 5'7" and 135 lbs -- claims Justin made some sort of contact with him and thus the battery allegation. 

BTW ... check out this pic of Justin blowing a red light in Calabasas just hours after the altercation.


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Paul Miller    

Apparently this behavior is enjoyed by his play gangster momma housed fan boys, you know a PR thing. So TMZ staff/perverts, what's your point? He has good PR?

538 days ago


him and kim slut whore **** bitch lardasshian need to go away asap

538 days ago


Dear Bieber Fans,

May I suggest 'How to Speak and Write Correctly' by Joseph Devlin'? It might help you to get your point across in a clear manner. Also, a few tips:

witch= A woman thought to have magic powers whereas, which= used referring to something previously mentioned when introducing a clause giving further information

there=In, at, or to that place or position
their= Belonging to or associated with the people or things previously mentioned or easily identified
they're= they are

Finally, many of you seem confused when you are reading various articles about how to distinguish nuances in the conversation. I know that some statistics show that 70% of United States 9th Graders do not have sufficient reading comprehension skills for high school level reading. I am truly concerned for your futures and suggest you do some further study to increase these valuable skills. This will help you to better understand and distinguish what things mean when you read them. Perhaps, you might be interested in: "The Reading Workout" by Chris Beatty. Hopefully, when you strengthen these skills you when then be able to move on to understanding and analyzing argument.

I don't want to overwhelm you, but I am very concerned about the well being of your minds as I read your unwavering support for a boy that sings songs and takes all of your money.

Finally, please do some research on how airports and private planes work. It is pretty common for major touring artists to take short breaks home in the middle of a tour if they have the means and resources. It is clear, he was in town. Now, let us all now agree he was in town that day.

Warm Regards,

538 days ago


I want to punch the beaver!

538 days ago


I think bieber is just trying to get rid of this "good boy" image he does... I find him to be extremely cute but his behVior is strting to get on my nerves his mom needs to give him a spAnking so he can chill the fuccck out

538 days ago

Yosemite Sam    

This Jasmin Beaver is one angry chick !!!

538 days ago


He's such a naughty spoiled irresponsible brat... just like most boys his age, only the Biebs has money to burn and feed an ego the size of California.

I pity his neighbors, but if they really want to "get him off the road" they'll have to do***ent his recklace driving. We have a speeding teen on our block and the cops won't do anything without do***enting him driving too fast. How do we do that? Sit out in the front yard all day waiting? At least in Bieb's neighborhood, they can probably afford to hire a private investigator with a video camera to do it. And they should.

538 days ago


Why does TMZ censor the word d-o-c-u-m-e-n-t ? They did it twice in my previous comment. Also, sorry for the misspelled word... I meant reckless, not recklace.

538 days ago

Joan K    

This little dudette is trying way too hard to be a thug. Stick to being a little girl, oops I mean boy!

538 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

Diasater waiting to happen--too much too soon!!! Little punk.

538 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

I meant "disaster" bitches.

538 days ago


This little punk needs someone to straighten his ass out. It sure isn't his mom because she's too busy writing books and appearing on talk shows. He needs a good swift kick to wake him up. Money and fame does not give you the right to do whatever you please.

538 days ago


thats why u should give *****s money....oh he's not black. :-)

538 days ago


The neighbors need to call the cops over his drug parties. bust his ass.

538 days ago


Why don't they just let this idiot drive fast maybe he'll kill himself do us all a favor:-)

538 days ago
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