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Justin Bieber

Vehicular Terror In Neighborhood

3/27/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a menace on wheels, driving at speeds approaching 100 mph in his quiet neighborhood and endangering children and dogs ... this according to multiple residents.

We broke the story ... one of Justin's neighbors filed a battery report Tuesday after a heated altercation on the singer's property in his uber-exclusive gated community in Calabasas.  

Justin's security people say the neighbor went nuclear over parties that were thrown at the Bieb's house while he was performing in Europe.  But we're hearing a VERY different story from neighbors.

We've learned the man who confronted Justin told Sheriff's deputies ... the singer was driving "unbelievably recklessly" through the neighborhood in his Ferrari.  The man -- whose hobby is racing cars -- estimated Justin's speed at 100 mph.  He told cops he was really upset because at the time Justin was burning rubber (just before 9 AM) his wife was walking the dog.

The man also says a lot of kids were on the street because of Spring break, and Justin put the entire neighborhood at risk.  Multiple neighbors back his story.

We're told the man was NOT upset by the partying at Justin's house.  He said it was "no big deal."  But he admits he was "smoking hot" when he went to Justin's home to tell him what an inconsiderate jerk he was by driving at breakneck speed in the hood.

The man -- who is 5'7" and 135 lbs -- claims Justin made some sort of contact with him and thus the battery allegation. 

BTW ... check out this pic of Justin blowing a red light in Calabasas just hours after the altercation.


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I believe the neighbor. The part of the story that makes me laugh is that for some reason Justin and his "security" talk like we would believe them--too funny!

576 days ago


The older he gets the creepier it looks when he's still playing music for the underage teeny boppers. Also age doesn't look like it's doing him a favor lol he's starting to look like a white 90s rapper.

576 days ago


Look, we all know what a pain it is to have smart a$$ teen age drivers in our neighbourhoods. This arrogant little puke needs a serious smack down.

576 days ago

Mr. Grimm    

Catch him speeding on video that is the only thing you can do. People talk a big game but nobody would beat up Justin Bieber. He is a little bitch and anybody could destroy him but somebody with that much money is off limits. He will never learn a lesson the old school way. He will hurt somebody and get off by paying a fine because that is the life of these elites.

576 days ago


How long until Justin shaves his head and starts attacking cars with an umbrella? Anyone taking any bets?

576 days ago

Enough Already    

What an arrogant POS. Once again, where are the parents of this little puke??? I wish this skinny ass, under developed, worthless twit would just go away already. Just another LoLife in the making. Say what you will about Brittany Spears, but her parents cared enough to jump in and save her. Other parents of these young brats should take a lesson from Mr. Spears. Justin's parents are about as worthless as he is........

576 days ago


Look folks, JB is not a US citizen...Dude is Canadian but he is actually paying for 30% of the LA County lifeguards, firefighters, cops and school teachers VIA his State income tax deductions... When dude is no longer able to earn such cash...THAT is the time to deport his azz back to Ontario Canada....

576 days ago


Leave it to Bieber This kid needs help Fame went to his head He is on his way becoming a Lindsay Lohan A no good S O B Complete Loser

576 days ago


The neighbor could have called the police instead of trying to confront JB himself that is how you get your azz whooped trying to act like neighborhood security.

576 days ago


Take his license. Or call his mommy. What an idiot child. Oh and pull your pants up, your little pinkie is showing...ewwww.

576 days ago


As with most teenagers he displays the attitude "it won't happen to me" when it comes to hurting someone seriously or killing someone while driving his car. As a retired teacher of 30 years (high school), I saw many children killed because of this attitude and recklessness - hill jumping, dragging down a major highway, just plain old speeding and losing control of the car. It saddens me that someone doesn't sit this young man down and talk to him or take him and show him what happens when you are reckless with a car. If you don't have the balls to be a real parent because you're afraid of losing your income - be a real parent and don't depend on your child to support you. BTW, are his parents still in Canada or are they with him in California? Never hear where they are.

576 days ago

Yu Lee    

TMZ is running around like a "cut cat", mad as hell since Justin named them at a TV interview for writing lies about him - he PROVOCKED them by holding a photo of Chuck Norris and said "This is my real father" then challenged TZM to make a big deal about it !!!
So never believe anything on TMZ they are seething with revenge, they are destoying their own reputation every day - while Justin remains totally INDESTRUCTIBLE cuz he "NEVER" told a lie yet & he is loved too much by his 36 million Beliebers! Justin can talk directly to them via Twitter and Facebook, so the press & the media is finally becoming dedundant and extinct.

576 days ago


LOL... let me guess the neighbor is still out for a pay day? Poor Justin my ass .. he's been acting like little punk for months now.

576 days ago


Justins in Europe... I was unaware a person could be in two places at once.

576 days ago


Deport Him....

576 days ago
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