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Michael Crabtree

I'm the 'Future of the NFL'

3/27/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Crabtree's ego has fully recovered from that huge blown call that cost him the Super Bowl -- because he now boldly predicts ... he is the FUTURE OF THE NFL!

The funniest part is ... we weren't even talking about him when he said it.

Here's the scene: the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver was leaving BOA Steakhouse with Dallas Cowboys stud receiver Dez Bryant last night -- and we asked the young stars about NFL rule changes intended to protect players from head injuries.

Neither guy replied ... so we moved on to another topic.

Now, let's play this like "Jeopardy."

Crabtree's answer is ... "You ever seen the future of the NFL? The 2 hottest receivers in the game?"

So, what is the question?

Hint: it has NOTHING to do with Crabtree's or Bryant's talents ... but it IS a hot topic in the NFL.

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Vernon P. Alarcon    

3. His future is wearing an orange jumpsuit.....

485 days ago


Nope those two aint got no brain nor no heart to be elite. Real talk!

485 days ago


Crabtree needs to take a seat & STHU!! Dez if you weren't so damn ****y maybe you would play better ball & stop disappointing the fans so much!! Us Cowboy fans are really tired of your crappy attitude & shi$$y playing!! Get over yourselves boys!!!

485 days ago


You mean Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones ? No, we didn't see them, what are they up to ?

485 days ago


that NEW head hiting rule WILL GET MORE PLAYERS HURT not less.DUE to the fact that bending your neck to one side or the other while impacting will hyperexstend the neck and being off angle MORE players will break or hurt them worse and more offen

485 days ago


Running backs will break their necks and get more and worse damages to their necks under this new rule.The owners have their heads&Neck tup thiert own tassys on dhis one

485 days ago


moving off center anypart of your body while impacting will get more and worse damages to your biomassmaticas

485 days ago


the neck should always be centered not canted...thye will have to change the rule back after a season or two due to more necks being broken and hurt

485 days ago


the Chinese and india ladys and males whom carry huge buckets and weight on their heads never bend their necks and center the mass on center with their body were as pencil necks in the USA don`t workout their necks 3RD world uses their necks to carry and transport loads that even pro football player and jocks never could here in the USA

485 days ago


no one wants anything to due with necks here in the USA don`t use them don`t workout with them or you could be hurt.The truth is IF you don`t workout your neck you will get hurt and if you don`t center you neck while impacting you will break it and tear it apart.The insurance companys are behind this dumb move that will be changed back over time due to more downtime and more broken necks.They forget the past and don`t know smit about biophysics

485 days ago


I guess you guys would give better answers when a reporter is hounding you when you're out drinking?

485 days ago


Sure right...he is the future of the NFL now all he needs to do is find a team that wants him....what a big dummy. There have been so many of these clowns pass through the NFL over the years. I don't blame the players I blame the owners of these NFL teams who overpay these underperforming washed up players millions of dollars. Every NFL team needs to follow the Steelers example on how to win, have never put up with these kind of guys on their team.

485 days ago


Such is what comes of paying adults for a game kids play for free. And waaaaaaaay overpaying them at that. These dudes are probably barely literate, only skating by in school based on their athletic ability.

485 days ago

Roman Moroni    

Trash! Do you think football players of the 60's & 70's (role models to young kids) would have handled themselves like these ghetto clowns? Football should be ashamed of itself & this clip sent to the higher ups! Remember clowns we control your money intake

484 days ago
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