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Scott Disick

RIPPED by Reptile Org

For Alligator Murder

3/27/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Scott Disick
should have his legs sliced open, blood gushing, and then be fed to the gators ... that's what a Reptile Rescue Org wants ... after Scott shot an alligator in the face on a recent episode of  "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami."

Mary Hart from International Reptile Rescue -- a world renowned nonprofit that's been rescuing reptiles for decades -- tells TMZ, Scott's hunting trip which aired this weekend on E! was a cruel, insensitive act.

She says, "He didn’t kill that alligator, he murdered that alligator." And she goes on: "Fairness would be to cut both his thighs so he bleeds and then toss him in a gator pond with gators small enough to rip him apart slowly and painfully."

FYI ... in the episode Scott hunted the gator (legally) in Florida ... shot at point-blank range in the head and later skinned and gutted it -- all while cameras rolled.


PETA, Tori Spelling, Shannon Elizabeth, and a slew of celebs have already slammed Scott and E! for the gator-cide ... calling it upsetting, horrible, pathetic and f****d up.

E! and Scott have yet to respond.


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What this shallow mother phucker did was so horrible there are no words!!!! He will do anything to try to boost he ratings. I was literarily angry watching that pepisode for the fact that he killed that gator and then had such a good laugh about it with all those white trash hillbillies. Stick to taning and wearing your Prada and Gucci. That's the only thing in life you're good dad. You're not even a good father pathetic excuse for a human being.

537 days ago


It was Gator Hunting Season you idiot. If you don't live down here in Florida don't comment about something you know nothing about.

537 days ago


Wow, what a hero. Shooting an animal point blank in the head for kicks. Next time make it a fair fight -- lose the gun and wrestle the gator to the death.
Guys like this need to get a real job so that they have something productive to do with their lives.

537 days ago


Humans hunt and kill animals but when it is done for reality entertainment it crosses the line of decency. He only wanted shoes for goodness sakes. It was
not for food on his table. It was for ratings .

537 days ago

Ozzie X    

When I hear his name I'll I think is pompous prick.

537 days ago


hollyweird needs to step the **** off.i see nothing wrong with what he did.them hollywood ****ers always looking for a cause.

537 days ago


Everyone with a dislike are hurt feelings try not eating one hamburger are chicken are some type of leather clothing and just shut the f..k upm

537 days ago


guys dont kill the gators.let them over populate and take over where people live even kids

537 days ago


Oh but gatpr boots and belts are ok! I see i see u can wear them as long as u dont kill them.

537 days ago


Hay Mary Hart and anyother person who could make a difference...A mother in Brunswick,GA was walking her 13 month old baby boy strapped in his stroller last week two (don't know what they should be called) 15 and17 yr. old pieces of sh.. Came up wanted money and when she told them she didn't have any shot her in the leg then put the gun to the babies head and killed him. Lets get some outrage hear and see if we can't get the death penalty for these waste of air punks...the way you describe Scott should die works just fine for these two!!!

537 days ago


E has gotten so reckless with what the air and print that I've stopped watching anything that they have.....Scott should be prosecuted ........he is an IDIOT...but he fits right in with the 'FAMILY".

537 days ago


They kill alligators all the time on "Swamp People". What's the difference? Besides it's legal to hunt alligator in Florida. I'm all for saving endangered reptiles but the alligator is not one of them to quote National Geographic "The American alligator is a rare success story of an endangered animal not only saved from extinction but now thriving."

537 days ago


I get hunting and fishing. I don't get torturing a living creature for your own pleasure or to make you feel like you actually do have balls. There's a difference.

537 days ago


Watching that episode made me sick. I actually used to like Scott and thought he was a funny guy, but the little ****er changed my mind. I found his alligator "hunt," and the manner in which he went about it, to be very disturbing. Also, he thinks because he has money that he has class. Money can't buy class. The way he spoke of the people who so graciously accepted him into their lives on the show shows his true colors. I didn't agree with their lifestyle of hunting gators, but Scott continually made fun of the way they live. Little does he know if is the lowest form of dirt there is. S*** of the be exact. Shame on E! for airing such a despicable act. No longer a fan.

537 days ago


This is awful. Scott is an idiot, no new info there. E and Ryan seacrest will do anything to get people to watch and make them richer. Also, Florida, s problem is also due to people obtaining these exotic animals as pets, then once they grow dump them. It's sickening across the board.

537 days ago
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