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Chris Brown

I'm One Helluva

Graffiti Artist

3/28/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just BLEW OUR MINDS!!! 'Cause the singer put his graffiti skills on display on a wall in Florida ... and dude's got some serious talent.

Brown grabbed a spray can and went to town on a building in Miami (we're guessing he was contracted to be there, 'cause if he wasn't, it could be considered vandalism and he could be arrested ... probation violation ... jail ... court drama ... etc.)

Photogs snapped pics as Brown tagged the canvas ... and you gotta trust us on this one, the finished product is pretty awesome.

Check out the pics ...


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Chris we can see ur underwear!!!!

571 days ago


Stop the critisism and hatred, even people that go to prison are given a chance to get out and get rehabilitated to start a new life, the media and judgemental people have not given Chris a chance to see what he really is now, he has said he is sorry and has done more than enough to make sure Rih knows he regrets whole heartedly what he did.
Why do people judge him after all these years still, I'm sure everyone of you haters here will get upset about everyone bringing up a mistake you made years ago, but expect him to never react at people attacking him for years, and yes he brought this onto himself and has admitted to it, he did plead guilty YOU know!!
All of you will one day come face to face with God and you will be judged because he is the only one who can judge us, keep living like there is no God and be judged by the terrible actions you guys commit by attacking him and probably others around you because I'm sure most of you who judge are perfect and have never made a mistake.
You will never be able to forgive the way Rihanna did because she believes in God, love, and forgiveness. I pray for both Chris & Rihanna that they can leave in peace and freedom, they share their great talents with us and for that I'm greateful, God gave them both beautiful talents, and I'm sure if Chris asked God for forgiveness he forgave him already.... So who are you to JUDGE?!!

571 days ago


Isn't anyone the least bit embarrassed by this fool wearing his pants down below his butt cheeks? I can't believe Americans dress/act like this! Bieber thinks it's cool too and it looks so stupid! It's a good way to "weed out" morons without having to talk to them first.

571 days ago


I read the pants pulled down past your rear trend was first started in the prison system to alert others you were available for sex. It makes you wonder why so many young males are still doing this.

571 days ago


"Still sexy" "Smack me baby, please baby please!!!"

571 days ago


While it's not "horrible" per se, it looks like a couple of figures he's drawn repeatedly so many times, doing it has become second nature. I know... I've done it and I recognize the execution and style. ANYway, just like his, um, "singing", the guy is pretty much talent-free.

571 days ago

He's still a woman beater. Great art, though!

571 days ago


I can't believe Rhiana is into this prick.

571 days ago


Holly crap people..... relax yourselves. Anyone that has gone to prison knows where that comes from maybe just maybe Chris is tired of being in the closet. Its ok Chris u can come out now LMFAO.

571 days ago

come on man    

Chris And Ri Are ThE New Bobby And whitney

571 days ago


Why are people saying that TMZ is encouraging graffiti? Chris Brown was clearly asked to be there and practice his artwork. He was not doing graffiti on some random building. Stop it.

571 days ago


You all acting like Chris is the only one in America to wear his pants down. Most teenagers wear their pants down.

571 days ago



571 days ago


That's okay for an amateur, but in no way good or "freakin awesome" for anyone with real skill.

571 days ago


And this makes him a productive member of society because.....? We should be patting him on the back and stroking his ego because.....? And, why does he think anyone wants to see his undies? Gross.

571 days ago
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