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Chris Brown

I'm One Helluva

Graffiti Artist

3/28/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown just BLEW OUR MINDS!!! 'Cause the singer put his graffiti skills on display on a wall in Florida ... and dude's got some serious talent.

Brown grabbed a spray can and went to town on a building in Miami (we're guessing he was contracted to be there, 'cause if he wasn't, it could be considered vandalism and he could be arrested ... probation violation ... jail ... court drama ... etc.)

Photogs snapped pics as Brown tagged the canvas ... and you gotta trust us on this one, the finished product is pretty awesome.

Check out the pics ...


No Avatar

hot Chocolate    

That's outstanding with the exception of being in public with those damned pants hanging off of him. I'd rather see the art, not some guys ass.

I'm glad to see Chris doing something other than risky, questionable atmospheres.

544 days ago


Are those underpants clean?? When last did he change them? Those are are the kind of thoughts that come to mind every time i see someone's backside hanging out of the pants like this, and they are not pleasant.

544 days ago


I'm impressed.

544 days ago


Pull your damn britches up - no one wants to see your ass hole.

544 days ago


still doesn't make him any less of a douchebag

544 days ago

Jack Asserson    

Why would TMZ give this guy any publicity? Shame on TMZ. He is a woman-beater. Have you not looked at the photos of Rhiana's beating lately. You guys are stupid for giving this guy one second of publicity.

544 days ago


OK SO... I have some original photos of "CHRIS BROWN" Graffiti... where was TMZ on this one???

544 days ago


I love this guy so much. He is the greatest.

544 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Ok I don't really like CB but I'm tired of people keep saying he's a woman beater, he hit 1 girl that hit him and if anybody needs an whippin it's her also if you get in 1 fight in your life are you always just a person beater FOH people are idiots. Woman beaters tend to beat up more than 1 woman and more than once

544 days ago


Not saying what Chris did was right by any means, but don't we all make mistakes? Should a cheater wear a tag everywhere they go and be judged? As in the same situation if some one ever lied about something. We are not perfect. None of us are. His mistakes were public for us all to see. I'm pretty sure that as least most of us on this site did at least 1 really bad thing. If you don't want people to judge you everywhere you go, what gives you the right to judge? Otherwise we can all play this tired hating game on one another.

544 days ago


Isnt that what vandals do

544 days ago


@JackAsserson In that case, Charlie sheen DEFINITELY should not be getting any publicity, along with Sean Penn, Mayweather, Terrence Howard, etc. These are all men with talent, who have beat their women multiple times. Are they shunned by the public? No. Howard has a movie out now and his acting career is flourishing in spite of it. Sheen recieves admiration from millions. Mayweather as well. Do you know how many fans this guy has? The list of make celebrities that have at one point or another beat or hit their wives goes on and on. Yet we focus on this young kid, who showed no signs of abusive tendencies before hand. We have Sheen who has beaten, stabbed and shot his women. Practically every women he was been with has screamed that he was abusive and what was his response every single time? "They're just lying because their money grubbing whores" That was literally his excuse every single time. Look up the face of the young girl whom he beat for not agreeing to have sex with him. It was settled out of court = guilty. No one at all questions Sheen. In fact some TMZ commenter actualy stated, "Well that isnt in Charlie's character. He's sweet. it was the drugs that made him do it." The guy lost his virginity at 14 to a prostitute guys. Let's just be real. Instead of shunning him like we have done CB, we award him with TV shows; highest paid TV actor ever. The hypocrisy is just disgusting as is the hate. To make this young guy the poster boy for domestic violence when there were and have been numerous celebrities that have been beating their women for years is actually sickening to me. He never responds to people either. Takes the hate no matter what. The minute he lashes out against it, people cry that he's a raging thug who needs to be locked up. No. He's a human with feelings just like you and me. You people need to let go. If you can sit down and watch Anger Management or a Terrence Howard or Sean Penn movie or even a Floyd Mayweather boxing match, you can get over Chris's actions. You want to know why you all hate Chris Brown? It's because the media has hover this anti-Chris campaign down your throats. If they did the same things with Terrence Howard, you would hate him too. If they did it with Charlie Sheen (in addition to his other foolishness), you would absolutely despise him. Your intense hate is nothing more than a product of the media and their power.

544 days ago


Chris is such an amazing person. I really wish people woulfd focus on the positive things he has done. He just gave away several full scholarships towards training, and education in Dance to Debbie Allen Dance Academy. When in fact he initially was only giving a couple away. Media and people are determined to make him into something that he is not. He made a mistake, and people need to move on.

544 days ago


As a Woman, if you Punch a man, Scratch a man's face, Spit on him and verbally abuse him in an enclosed environment and are the creator of that negative environment, then be expected to receive what you dish out. Being a woman does not give you special privilege to be abusive!

544 days ago


This is kind of cool and I hate him.

544 days ago
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