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Kim K vs. Jessica Simpson

Who'd You Rather?

3/28/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0328_jessica_kim_xposure_gettyIt was a battle of the baby bulge on Wednesday, as maternity fashionista Kim Kardashian bedazzled on the streets of NYC -- while Jessica Simpson shopped in her comfy sweats in Los Angeles.

So we gotta ask ...


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Most important question...who bejeweled a blue construction tarp, and why did they use it to dress a pig?

510 days ago



510 days ago


Jessica simpson looks like honey bobo.. What the buck does "who'd you rather" have to do with what someone is wearing? I'm no fan of kim but from a purse sexual standpoint, I rather thump her booty over jessicas who looks like she burps, farts, and eats cheetos all day. Oh what she does. Did it in her reality show with Nick anyway.

510 days ago


Jessica looks way better, even in that outfit! Kim is just not impressing me at all. I can't imagine what kind of mom she's gonna be, either. Maybe let Kourtney do it, since she seems to be doing such a good job with her kids.

509 days ago


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508 days ago


29 days and counting .. Still no Kanye. This is not the way an expecting father to act if he still cares for the baby momma or child. Admit it already Kim... He's left you. While you are at it... Admit the marriage to Kris was fraud and give him the annulment.

508 days ago


Neither ... they are both pigs

508 days ago


Ok, finally pictures of them on the 31st day of separation.. Kim had to fly to Paris to get some photos of them together.... And they both look miserable. No hugging, smiling or hand holding.

507 days ago


Kim is trying to hard, looks like a fat whale. Jessica looks like a natural.

506 days ago


I can't stand her!!! So undeserving of the life she has.smh

502 days ago


I can't stand Kim! Go Jess!

498 days ago

Cindy J    

Ew. Ew. Ew. And once again, ew....

494 days ago


those heels must be made of steel

408 days ago
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