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Alleged Spitting Victim's Wife

Justin Bieber's a 'Punk'

3/28/2013 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0328-justin-bieber-tmzThe wife of the man who Justin Bieber allegedly spit on tells TMZ, Bieber is a "punk."

TMZ broke the story ... auto mogul Jeff Schwartz -- Justin's neighbor -- went over to confront the singer about driving in the gated community at speeds approaching 100 mph, and Justin responded by allegedly spitting in his face and threatening to kill him.

Schwartz's wife, Suzie, tells TMZ, "He's a punk.  He thinks he's invincible.  He can't continue to have a bunch of enablers around him."  FYI, there are reports Jeff said this, but it was Suzie.

Suzie also tells TMZ, "Spitting on someone is unacceptable.  He can't do this to people."

And she tells us Justin has NOT apologized to her hubby.

Justin denies hocking a loogie on Jeff, but we've learned there is at least one eyewitness who begs to differ.


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Or maybe he'll end up like that dude from Jackass that got burnt to a crisp in a fiery drunken 100 mph+ super crash. It's a possibility in this case.

542 days ago


What they aren't disclosing is that they told neighbors they would take pics of Beiber and sell them. Beiber planted high bushes to block their view of his his and they were pissed over that.....this has nothing to do with a car or him spitting on him. This is revenge for trying to exploit him in the first place. I am no Beiber fan, but come on and face reality that this is people going after him for his money.

542 days ago

Jake David    

Bitch's going down and I'm gonna enjoy every sec of it

542 days ago


Amen lady!!! We all think the same

542 days ago


Justin is definitely a punk, since he was basically raised by punk mentors like usher and lil twist and cee_lo, but the neighbour had no freaking business stepping foot on Justin's property. If he didn't like the way Justin was driving, he should have called the police. He's lucky he didn't step foot on the property of a Republican or he might have gotten shot dead.

542 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

NOTE TO THE NEIGHBOR. I have just two words for your husband. PRESS CHARGES.. Waka waka wakaaa

542 days ago


Take it back! The beebz IS invincible

542 days ago


Who cares....celebrities have gotten away with far worse. Nothing will happen to him unfortunately.

542 days ago


To all those idiots who say the Justin didn't do it, there is an eye witness to collaborate the alleged story. So how did Justin not do it? What does a landscaper have to gain by lying? You Justin friends that feel he can do no wrong need to stop living in lala land the real world is calling if only you idiots would listen.

542 days ago


Avril Lavigne also liked spitting on people. She's Canadian, like Bieber. Both of these should've been aborted. Too bad their weren't laws that allow post-partum abortions all the way up to adulthood.

542 days ago



542 days ago


I've seen people that have done less get banned for the US. I believe what he did was assault and a terroristic threat (a felony) that should be enough. Take away his ability to make money in the states, anyone remember when they did it to Boy George, just for having drugs. I could name a few artists from Canada banned just for knowing drug dealers. Yet this person has shown that he does drugs and is violent. In his defense...I hate this lil ****.

542 days ago


OK this is what I personally think. I feel like i know Justin through his music and tweets but I think this is just someone bashing one him because he is living his dream. I'm not saying he should have spit on the guy if he did. but i feel like he wouldn't do something like that but if he did he should of handled it a different way instead of spitting on the person. he should have kindly said okay ill stop but I haven't seen anything about him being sorry. if there is an eye wittiness Justin should say sorry even if he didn't do it.

542 days ago


This was responded to my comment. Scary.


Sorry u don't love him like his other 36 million Beliebers do. Justin is amazing, I'll always love him no matter what. If he ****s up...he ****s up. People make mistakes and if spat on women then its his own fault. But you weren't there so u shouldn't comment your opinion Justin was raised by his mom so I'm 99.99% sure he wouldn't disrespect any woman. Justin will never lose his Beliebers though we love him like no other. I'm 18 not some little kid. Justin is my idol and will forever be.


18 and not some little kid. How come you don't know this has nothing to do with spitting on a woman? This is simply him being an inmature inconsiderate punk. Thinks he's got money so get away with whatever. She was speaking about her husband being spat on by Bieber.

Bieber is still a no talent punk at 19. He was hyped, promoted and marketed. Fan base is teeny boppers and they move on. That's his entire fan base.

542 days ago


Bieber fans will Like this post.
Non-Bieber fans or I dont care who he is will hate this post.

542 days ago
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