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Ariel Winter

I WON'T Talk

To My Mom

3/29/2013 12:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ariel Winter's lawyer told a judge today, the "Modern Family" star wants NOTHING to do with her mother ... and won't even sit in the same room with her.

Ariel's guardianship case was back in court, and mama Chrystal Workman complained ... her daughter refuses to do therapy with her mom.  Chrystal wanted the judge to force Ariel into therapy with her mom, but the judge nixed the request.

The judge said he couldn't force a teenager to have a relationship with her mom if she doesn't want it.  

As we previously reported .... 15-year-old Ariel is now under the guardianship of her sister Shanelle Gray, after Ariel complained she was being physically and emotionally abused by her mom.  The court found emotional abuse and stripped Chrystal of her parental rights.

Ariel hasn't spoken with her mom in 5 months -- when the guardianship was created.


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I wonder if her mom was a pageant mother for her or for her vicariously through them???

572 days ago


Ariel's mother goes public with all her accusations and then wonders why her daughter will not attend therapy with her as she cannot trust her to keep the session private. Ariel is now getting $6 million a year for her TV show and is no longer paying for living at Momma's house. Next court case Momma after cash.

572 days ago


Who cares once this show is over she'll pose nude for playboy to make ends meet

572 days ago


its too bad this girl doesnt have a supportive mother. lindsay is at least lucky enough to have dina and her brothers and sister as a positive support system

572 days ago


Ariel is such a role model!

572 days ago


She shouldn't have to be forced to talk to her. I agree some family are best left behind. Toxic family members

572 days ago


Ariel Winter.................Get To 18 Soon !

572 days ago


You are so right! Ariel's mother should have let her go to school, then 4 years of college. So Ariel could have a career working 8a-5p and making 30-40,000. A year like the rest of us. Pay 50,000. in student loans. Then she could have happily retired at age 65. She stripped Ariel of all that!

572 days ago


Maybe she's being a brat. ???

572 days ago


If the Mom really cared about healing her relationships with her children she would have engaged in therapy on her own over the last few years to try to reconcile with her oldest daughter, Shanelle. From what I've read she puts more energy into throwing her under the bus and being down right malicious and mean. Any woman who publicizes private info against her own children probably shouldn't be in a closed room with them discussing sensitive issues.

572 days ago


that's BS. I can't force a TEENAGER to have a relationship with her mom????every teen hates their mom and will say stupid sht about them. She NEEDS to be forced into counseling and if her life with mom is so horrible she shoudl WANT IT. This proves she's just a spoiled whre who is going to sing faster than a lohan

572 days ago


Oh well, it's not like her moms deserves any word from her daughter if she after she treated her like ****. The bitch only seems to care about money anyway.

572 days ago


This mother sounds like a real piece of work. Yikes.

572 days ago


Does Ariel have to be 16 to file for legal emancipation? If the courts force her go back and live with her mom (something I highly doubt) can she file for legal emancipation and a restraining order?

572 days ago


Most working child actors get emancipated at 15 or 16 to avoid child labor restriction and compete with over 18 actors who can play teenage parts. Many roles require actors to be 18 or emancipated to be considered. Obviously, well known actors are the exception but it's far easier to not have a child actor on set.

A judge would have to allow Ariel to be emancipated. Considering her mother's accusations that Ariel was running wild w/ older boyfriend, a judge might not sign off and want her to stay with the stable family. It's not that emancipated minors have to leave home. It just allows them to get more work and not to have to deal with school. Emancipated minors have to have already graduated from high school but the CA hs exit exam is so easy most 8th graders could pass it.

CA law allows minors as young as 14 to be emancipated with parental permission. M

572 days ago
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