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Lindsay Lohan

I Didn't Steal ANYTHING


3/29/2013 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-linday-lohan-tmzLindsay Lohan says she stole NOTHING from "Anger Management" -- She's telling friends she had a deal with producers she could take all the stuff she wanted, and they'd just deduct it from her salary.

Lindsay acknowledges, she walked off with 2 bracelets, a necklace, sunglasses, a pair of shoes, gold earrings, a silk bathrobe, lingerie and tap shorts.  She claims the wardrobe person was well aware she had the goods and claims the wardrobe lady specifically said it was A-OK and the cost would be deducted from her salary.

Lindsay's also telling friends, she's NOT going to return the stuff, because as far as she's concerned she paid for it.

Here's the problem.  Sources from the show tell TMZ ... Lindsay walked off with the bracelets, the necklace, earrings and shoes BEFORE there was any discussion about leaving with the stuff.  We're told the wardrobe person told producers she was not going to become a cop and block Lindsay from leaving the set with her stuff, so she told her the value of "all missing items" would be deducted from her paycheck.

In fact, we're told the wardrobe person actually tried to get Lindsay to write a check for the goods, but LiLo refused.


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WTF, WTF, WTF! Soundz like she just decided she deserved whatever she wants to take. Was those wardrobe items her's? No, it belonged to someone else, namely the show. I feel nauseous all of a sudden.

523 days ago


Squeaky needs to change her MO-she takes a "job" acts fine at first-then starts ****ing up -threatens to quit-destroys property-inflates how much she is making-steals something and then has an entire song and dance explaining that she is a victim or the situation is a big misunderstanding. Bitch needs to change it up a little-it is getting old.

523 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

all i can say is "will you please die in jail already"

523 days ago


There's people in the real world getting fired for opening up a bag of chips and drinking soda before they pay for it. Employers don't care if they say they were eventually going to pay. Why do these people let her get away with everything? It only feeds her sense of entitlement. She just thinks that someone one else will smooth it over for her.

523 days ago


I'm not surprised at all by this. She was a bitch on Ugly Betty set. She didn't get the chance to steal anything, but she made sure to leave something so disgusting for everyone to see there's no words for it.

She was impossible to deal with. She had it in her mind the lead star of the series wanted to sabotage her because she didn't like the fact she was mentioned in the media like a ratings booster.

She was having sex and was late on set. And when she was on set acting like a bitch, she always had some members of her entourage with her.

I'll never forget how embarrassed she was when Ferrera accidentally pulled her panties down in front of everyone, and she ran away so fast, and everyone high fived Ferrera.

523 days ago


I would have called the cops on her. If that is how it happened, it is stealing. Why do people keep letting her get away with everything? She took it because she feels she is entitled to it. Wonder how many things she will steal from her latest employer in Brazil? Lock her up in Brazil!

523 days ago

Hot Farts    

Sorry for the overkill but I had to get rid of Lying Susan by posting a bunch of her deadbeat antics

523 days ago

help this young woman    

TMZ did not wait long enough between their stories. In an hour this morning Lindsay supposedly read TMZ then despite being in Brasil talked to "her friends" then her friends somehow contacted TMZ to tell them she did not steal. LOL. So can we expect Harvey to get on TMZ Live and tell us he contacted the Prosecutors offices and Lindsay will most definitely being going to Alcatraz because they would open a special prison cell there for her. Oh in case you are interested TMZ, Lindsay gave a great and cute interview for Brazil TV yesterday. Jealous?

523 days ago

help this young woman    

John John let Lindsay pick out some clothes from their flagship store and take whatever she chose.

523 days ago


Life would be so much more boring without Lindsay. You go girl.

523 days ago


Well she certinly kicked Charlie Sheen in the teeth. Bet he's feeing quite the fool. Cast and crew couldn't stand her. Just like every set she's on. Now Lohan just helping herself to wardrobe taken what she want's and take it out of her paycheck BS. Hell No. She flat out stole them.

Of course Lohan caught comes up with this bullshyt that no one has backed her up on. Gee, another surprise no one backing up Lohan.

Don't think she will be asked back. Hey, Sheen tried to be a friend and help.

523 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Why would one take lingerie from a set.who knows who else has worn it

523 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

90210 look up how Dinas pool company Aquacade pools, they are in Hicksville

523 days ago


HOhan: 'I was not raised to lie, cheat, or steal'


522 days ago


So they said "she could take all the stuff she wanted, and they'd just deduct it from her salary." Yeah, right. NOBODY BELIEVES YOU, BEYOTCH! Enjoy prison:o)

522 days ago
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