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Justin Bieber

Monkey Detained

by German Officials

3/30/2013 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0330-justin-bieberAll that monkeying around has finally caught up with Justin Bieber (literally) after officials in Germany confiscated his monkey because Biebs didn't have the proper paperwork.

Bieber arrived at the Munich airport on Thursday and was confronted about the monkey when he went through customs. Since Bieber didn't have the proper documentation for the monkey (and you know how Germans about having your papers in order) they took the monkey into quarantine. 

It appears the monkey was a recent gift from record producer Mally Mall, who tweeted the above photo earlier in the week with a caption, "OG MALLY FIRST PIC WITH HIS POPS @JUSTINBIEBER."

Bieber's track record with pets isn't so great -- he gave away his hamster to a random fan last December and the little guy passed away earlier this month.


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Is it just me or does he think he's Michael Jackson? Only difference is Michael crossed all generations and minions are mainly deluded 14 yr old girls

579 days ago


Poor Justin! He probably was heartbroken...

579 days ago


Way to chimp out

579 days ago


The Germans don't f#ck around with nonsense. 70 years ago it would've meant both got some lead in their necks.

579 days ago


Poor monkey. What idiot would think he is responsible enough to care for an exotic animal. I hope it finds a good home.

579 days ago

Evil Overlord    

The monkey begged for asylum...

579 days ago


That poor monkey. He'd probably be better off homeless.

579 days ago

Cold Azz Honkey    

Bieber loves to kiss monkeys. He will kiss yours if you have one. He needs to be locked up and then he could kiss everyones monkey.

579 days ago


something seems a bit off here....i find it difficult to believe this sissy got the monkey out of the US w/out permits and paperwork. To take a DOG out of the US you have to all kinds of paperwork and certificates and in some cases quarantine arrangements made.
Who wud want a pet monkey anyway? A friend of mine had one and it pooped and pee'd EVERYWHERE. It wud pull its diaper off and sling it's poop all over the place.....and when it was running loose in my friends house it wud pee while it ran around....they are such DIRTY animals - CUTE as PHUCK but DIRTY as Hell.

579 days ago


Proper permits or not, I'm just thinking how much money it must cost to travel with a pet monkey and how unnecessary it is. This kid truly feels the ride will last forever, doesn't he?

579 days ago


Ok I don't hate him anymore. I love monkeys. I've always wanted one but the government says I can't own one because its a dangerous animal, thanks Obama!

579 days ago


He should be prosecuted for using a Monkeys Butt as a Drug Mule.

579 days ago

~ Danielle ~    

*Claps* Thank God they got this poor animal away from him. Who knows what he did with it.

579 days ago


I bet the monkey is doing a big sigh of relief at the quarantine. His little butt hole will finally get a break.

579 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He taught that monkey some amazing oral skills. It's a shame he had to give it up.

579 days ago
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