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Justin Bieber

You Be the Judge

3/30/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is starting to circle the drain ... with allegations of drug use, battery, reckless driving and all-around douchery. So we gotta ask ...



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HEY there TMZ, it would be nice if you corrected your rating function, also clean up the bullsh!t spam

571 days ago


the Salem witch trials are on. Prepare to put Justin on a tree and set fire to it. the self-righteous of society have already condemned as guilty a teen based on a few traffic tickets, some pot use, speeding on occasion, unproved assertions all unheard of in our society!

571 days ago


Don't worry Justin supporters I am sure he will get away with it. If Lindsay can get away with anything with her waning fame. I am sure Justin can kill somebody and be congratulate on it.

If not Justin fans can do kamikaze run on his behalf.

571 days ago


Justa Beaver is the millennial hell version of Donny Osmond, doomed to become a thug by Generation Suck's poison bad ass pop culture.

571 days ago


TMZ is treating The Beb's like he is a brother! I feel bad for Justin..The curses of a slow media! Those are some horrible leading questions your asking! In 10 years vegas or jail..How about Rich or FILTHY RICH! More dangerous Recklace driving or Drugs..How about smoking weed at 19 or Being chased for another story with twisted facts for TMZ. You are going to say you don't create these scenario's, but you actually do. You (tmz) are quick to say this was not one of YOUR camera men...but if they freelance they all work for you! I am sure news will happen stop forcing it with bull**** stories! This is not a story,just filling up space on a page.

571 days ago


Get him now.. before he really hurts someone.

571 days ago


LOL, you guys are crazy. Logically, this kid has done nothing, it's all media hype to print a story. If you actually use your brains and "think" about each and every incident they hype you will realize that lol

And to the person(s) say you as Americans don't "claim" him and that you made him popular ... he has NEVER pretended to be American and ALWAYS makes it clear he is Canadian, and it is not ONLY America that made him popular, it is the WORLD. Who has the big ego now!

Something very wrong with a country that will allow anyone to buy a gun but lord forbid you "spit"! (not that I beleive he did that, because I don't). You Americans are still as crazy as ever I see.

571 days ago


On he last question of the poll "I'd hit that?" If that was in reference to punching him in the nose then the answer would be yes.

571 days ago


Justine Bieber is a mean girl.

571 days ago


im so confused is "iamkingkevi" the one who is causing this? because i saw his pic yesterday but they haven't said anything about him

571 days ago


He would be better off moving to Southeast LA. Most of his homies are from there any way. They wouldn't have to travel far.

571 days ago


How come when some young rappers/singers black or white, come into vast amounts of money and success think they have to have a thug or bad boy rock & roll image? To me, its stupid, cause what they saying is "Money ain"t nothing to me", I'm not Hollywood, then WTF did you work so hard to get famous for? Some want to get to the top, just to jump back down to the bottom.

571 days ago

Mike L    

I'd hit that? Really? Who are you asking, the teenage girls, or the gay guys?

Yeah, I'd hit that. With a truck.

571 days ago


Just because you're 19 doesn't mean you can be an A S S H O L E. And he gets med because people compare him to Lindsay Lohan . Buddy you are on your way to ending up just like if not worse than she is. FYI If you would of spit in my face I would of beat the living **** out of you and I would be in jail.

571 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Yeah. I would hit that... RIGHT IN THE MOUTH ! ! !

571 days ago
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