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Justin Bieber

You Be the Judge

3/30/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is starting to circle the drain ... with allegations of drug use, battery, reckless driving and all-around douchery. So we gotta ask ...



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Justin Bieber is a pathetic spoiled-rotten little boy who thinks he's a big man. I'd like to see him act like a tough guy without all his bodyguards protecting him. I'm a 62-year-old grandmother and I really believe that I could take him. I'm disgusted with his wild child behavior and having to explain to my 8-year-old granddaughter (who adored him) why he is not someone to idolize. I'm sick of the Biebers and Lohans and Bynes's of the entertainment world being marketed to kids/tweens, making zillion$ off of the kids, and then spiraling out of control while the parasitic adults in their lives enable them by telling them that they are just so darn special the rules don't apply to them.

571 days ago

amir gray    

justin is having difficulties growing up like every other teen his age i think that his mom needs to check him he also shoulld go to jail but not for years maybe two weeks to straighten him out .But i like the fact that he needs this help it shows he is an everyday person who ****s up but with maturity and money comes responsibility and he was young then switched oldt fast and made to much money to quick and the change just brug shock to his mental system oh and i am 15 who is a beliber but some things he need to stop look back at his life choose better friends and influences and get what ever is wrong with him together but i love his singing and personality # 1 male beliber

571 days ago


his career should be over? really? he should have beat selena then because chris brown is doing swell.

571 days ago


He told the neighbor he spit on,"i'll kill you!" Wow most violent Canadian ever!!! Ay,What a hoser. Oh I mean a poser. I think Old Red Green should come over from Canada and duct tape the boy's mouth shut. Ay?

571 days ago


Do you want to know why Justin is so ****ing delirious? Huh? BECAUSE OF THE ****ING MEDIA! He makes music because it makes his fans HAPPY & that's all he wants. He didn't do this to be famous. Justin hates nothing more than the media. Nothing. He wants to be normal. Tell me what other typical 19 year old is doing? Not smoking weed or underage drinking or worse? Dead. Justin has been my idol since '07 & always will be. If I had all this annoying ass media bitches after me 24/7 & I have absolutely 0 privacy, I would've already killed myself. Justin is so strong dealing with all the hate he gets constantly. I don't know how he does it. Leave him alone & let him be a ****ing teenager for God's sake.

571 days ago


cause weve all never been 19 before.... or had that much power and money combined with our teenaged angst.

570 days ago


The whole spitting in someone's faca and car battery thing is bull. Justin was and is currently on the other side of the world doing shows every night. There's no way he want from Germany that night to LA and then end up back in Germany on his tour bus ready to head to Munich... rumors

570 days ago


Why are people so damn mean. yes he has done some crazy things but u dont know the real story. ur only sense of evidence is reading crap like not a big fan of his music but i hate to c people be bullied. why must it be any of our business. there are so many haters in the world, it wasnt ment to be this way. people where not ment to be this cruel. its all because of sin. and if this sin keeps groing which it is, trust me, the human race is in for some hell. literally. turn to God people, turn to JESUS

570 days ago

TMZ stepped even lower    

are you all stupid. TMZ get your **** right ok. Just stop it. We get that you want people to read you ****ty gossip site. But then make good news too. Do your Job right. "Justins carreer over and out" are you stupid or something. lol he's 19 with 5 number one albums. He's just getting started. Stop with all of this negativity and hate or else your career will be "over and out".

570 days ago


1. Justin is on tour, it was his "friends" partying not him.
2. Justin is more successful than you will ever know, just look at his followers on twitter.
3. He is so humble, and none of you see it because you're all blinded by the fake stories the press feed to you.

570 days ago


Wow tmz, you've reached a new level of low... you should all be proud of yourselves for being immature ****s

570 days ago
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