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Michael Jordan

To Alleged Baby Mama...

I'm Coming After You!

3/30/2013 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0330-michael-jordan-tmzMichael Jordan isn't ready to call it quits with his alleged baby mama drama just yet ... in fact, he wants the lady who accused him of spawning her 16-year-old son to PAY UP for all the trouble she caused.

As TMZ first reported, Pamela Smith went after Jordan in court, claiming he knocked her up back in 1995, and asked a judge to order a DNA test to make the paternity official.

The NBA star called B.S. and denied the kid was his and then, rather suddenly, Pamela dismissed the suit without explanation.

Now MJ has filed new legal docs asking the case be kept open so he can file a counter-claim against Smith to cover his court costs and whatever other sanctions a judge deems necessary.

Revenge is a dish best served ... in court.

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No Avatar

Yada yada ya    

Sad that no one has mentioned how this affects the kid!!!' Wow what a parent for a role model! Why would anyone subject their child to such made up lies? Just imagine how he's gonna turn out thanks to good ole lying, gold digging Mama

387 days ago


Team MJ!! I feel sorry for this chicks' kid because she's a lying gold-digger for trying to get money from MJ for a kid who isn't is. Furthermore, she might be a whore for screwing so many men within the relevant time frame to not know who knocked her up.

387 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

You come at the King, you best not miss.

387 days ago


Now I ain't sayin she a gold digger.....but she aint messin wit no broke ***** aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

387 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

I thought he paid her off.
(This shiz be CRAY!!!)
Happy Easter/Passover, all.

387 days ago


I dated a man for most of the 90's that was a sports agent.... went to Vegas and partied with Jordan....uh.....the baby is his. He was married at the time and he was a MAN WHORE!!!! I saw things that really disappointed me.

387 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

MJ paid this women a lot of money back in 1995 to keep her mouth shut about him being the baby daddy. Now she's in breach and that's why MJ wants to sue her. Only in hopes that she will back down. Back in 1995 she didn't realize that her son would give her such a problem if he would have found out who his real daddy is. This is just an attempted for more money and publicity.
Phishie from Philly

386 days ago


just wondering why he was giving the family money, thru the years and visiting them off and on? also a picture with the kid?

386 days ago


@Phishie I agree. Also, notice how he has yet to take a paternity test. People who are absolutely sure that it isn't their child are always ready and willing to take a DNA test. This is why I believe that it is his child & she broke a confidentiality agreement and it was brought up to her by his team, and she stepped down because of it. What I don't understand are the people coming to his rescue as if he's an upstanding citizen for it all. He still paid of the mother to go away and wants nothing to do with HIS kid. How s***my is that? MJ knows he's been spreading his seeds everywhere and I, for one, wouldn't be surprised if there were more kids out there. I, particularly, feel bad for the child in all of this. His dad just have him a huge F U and it was done for millions to see.

386 days ago

Stephen Stewart    

He isnt going after anybody UNLESS he takes a DNA test first and gets prove he is innocent. He doesnt have the balls to take the test so HE WILL JUST RUN HIS MOUTH. LOl LOL LOL LOL

386 days ago


He has no legal obligation to take a DNA test. People! People! She already established paternity in a divorce! That legal do***ent stands! That is all. Period. Now for her to come out a d file this felonious suit, she will have legal repercussions. You can't say legally you have 2 baby daddy's

386 days ago


It appears that the injured party in this matter is the boy who has been raised to believe that Michael Jordan is his father. His mother has injured him with her unfounded accusations.

386 days ago


How is MJ going to prove his case WITHOUT taking a DNA test?

384 days ago
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