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Justin Bieber

Hey Lil Buddies ...

Mi Casa Su Casa!!!

3/31/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329_bieber_twist_kev_house_articleJustin Bieber may be a lousy neighbor, but he's an awesome friend ... especially if you don't have a place to crash and want to throw dozens of parties with hot chicks.

We've learned Justin has allowed 3 of his close friends to live in his Calabasas estate full-time -- Lil Twist, Kevin Pederson (aka King Kevi) and a third who wants to remain anonymous. 

The trio lives there rent free, and they get a security guard to boot, even when Justin's away.  They're also allowed to tool around in Justin's sweet rides.

We've learned the party animal is King Kevi, who has lived in the house for a month and has thrown 30 parties of varying sizes.  The guest list is always lopsided, with way more chicks than dudes.

And, we're told, the dreaded sizzurp has turned up pretty regularly at the soirees, although they've scaled back since the whole Lil Wayne thing.


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Somebody nearby really has to call the cops for disturbance and that house needs to be demolished because there is probably too much narcotic residue since those Leeches did so much damage that house needs to be destroyed or fumigated! It's now a Hell Hole in Calabras!

569 days ago


justin is their bit(# lol

569 days ago


Hey, Beiber, you dumb ass..... you're going to be held liable when these morons kill someone on the road in your car or someone OD's at your house, even if you're not there or destroy someone else property, as you're giving them unlimited access to your personal property. Bieber gets the sued big time because of these idiots (and he's one, too) will happen by mid summer. Watch.

569 days ago


They are gonna have loads of underage girls like at least 13 years old will get seriously drugged, drunk and raped! Yep that is what Justin and his friends are planning on this ! Call FBI now!!!!!!!

569 days ago


Yo bro, I need a place to kick it. Can you help a bro ho out?

569 days ago


So who do you think will be found dead on the property, first? Any wagers?

569 days ago


Why do these douches call themselves "Lil" - drives me crazy. Being how he is so small I wonder if letting these "Lils" use his house makes him feel bigger? They all, Justin included, look like a little posse of punks hanging around the local McDonalds

569 days ago

Common Sense Bonita    

If it were a group of his non ethnic white bread homies nobody would complain or antagonize Justin

569 days ago


Kevin Pederson - that guy is another coat tail riding brown noser. Thrown 30 parties of various sizes? Look at they guys twitter pics...THE ONLY GIRL THIS GUY GETS ARE 100% BUTTER FACES. EVERYTHING GOOD BUT THE FACE.

569 days ago

Spicy mag    

Maybe they're orphans.

569 days ago


Damn. Hangers on.

569 days ago


It's an ill-conceived idea since his "friends" clearly have no respect for Beeb's possessions. Something very bad is bound to happen at some point. Teenagers don't have the coping skills to handle all the demands of being a millionaire.

569 days ago


People are gonna always give you a hard time Justin but if you want to capitolize on the success you've had you need to stop and analyze what you've been doing. Its nice to want to be liked but you shouldn't have to give out your property to friends on a regular basis. Even your harshest critics don't want to see another kid star washed up, broke and found dead. They might joke about it now but it'll still be a sad story of " told you so".

569 days ago


These little punks are obviousily using JB, and JB is oblivious of this..... This is a real slippery slope, JB needs to wake up, if his people that are so called looking out for him will just shake the H311 out of him...and knock some sense in to the little guy... perhaps he could be saved ! Mama Bieb's - wake up ! your boy is in trouble! Without him, their future as well is down the drain. Do something NOW !

569 days ago

Cold Azz Honkey    

Note to the Biebs. Get rid of the brothas and you will not have any troubles.

569 days ago
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