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Lindsay Lohan

In Limbo

Over Rehab

3/31/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_tmzIt's been two weeks since Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in lockdown rehab, but TMZ has learned there's been no movement in placing her in a facility.

We broke the story after lots of digging ... there's no such thing as lockdown rehab for Lindsay, and that creates a problem because we're told the judge and prosecutors were under the clear impression -- based on representations by Lindsay's lawyer -- that she could be placed in such a facility in New York.

We're told prosecutors are discussing what to do with the famed defendant, but nothing has been decided. The options are regular rehab (where Lindsay has been a royal screw-up in the past) and jail. 

 In fact, the sentence is actually 90 days in jail which can be fulfilled by 90 days lockdown rehab.

It's unclear if prosecutors will make the rehab decision on their own or take it back to the judge. Given that the judge also seemed to clearly be under the impression that lockdown was an option, it's likely Judge Jim Dabney will have to sign off.



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This is really simple, there shouldn't even be any question as to what needs to take place here. The ONLY reason she got rehab for 90 days was because everyone was led to believe there were lock down rehab facilities she could go to. This is simply untrue, there are no lock down facilities so the only option is for her to spend that ENTIRE time in jail and do any rehab while in jail. Early release is not even an option here since in a lock down rehab facility you don't get out early for "good behavior" or "overcrowding", so she must be in jail for a minimum of 90 days and complete 90 days of rehab treatment while in there. If this needs to go back on front of the judge the judge should add more time on to that because he was lied to by her lawyers about the lockdown rehab facilities.

573 days ago


What I want to know is whether or not TMZ pays La Lonhan for "input" and other things. Because if they are, then they're contributing to this lost soul's problems. Heck, just reporting on it as incessantly as they do is starting to become unnerving. If you really want Lindsay to get better, TMZ, you'll stop reporting on her. She is a SICK girl -- stop contributing to the problem.

573 days ago


Gays and lesbians are nasty sick people

573 days ago


Who's the dumbass? Today is March 31. Imbecile.

Check your calendar, dumbass, it's April.

573 days ago


I don't care if it's "lock-down" or "lock-up". Just pick one and do it already! She is a menace to society!

573 days ago

Good riddance!    

Crackie's only intention is to keep the partying, ho-ing, and stealing going unabated.

573 days ago

Hot Farts    

definitely ON topic--I always tell my kids that a number one way to win friends and influence people is to NEVER EVER be high maintenance

573 days ago

Hot Farts    

OMG -- Maddy MM just did our work for us in terms of background

Thank you Marshmello Man u are a great help

573 days ago


Wouldn't it be a very early xmas present if AM files charges tomorrow? Talk about Good Times for the H8turds . . . .

573 days ago


It is obvious she has a death wish. Very sad. She is going to end up like Chris Farley. This is what happens when everything in life is handed to you and their are no consequences

573 days ago


The prosecutor/judge agreed on the lockdown rehab based on her not very bright attorney's statement that such a facility existed and LiLo could go there. Of course it will take the judge time to figure out what to do next and in the meantime LiLo will be back in the U.S. drinking and what not.

573 days ago


The polls are almost all at 99%, not much more voting needed till some are at 100%. Trailer park court has spoken, Rogue Weirdo, and his butt buddy Red Crap lose again

573 days ago


We need more news

573 days ago



"Next to video of a train derailing before crashing into the side of a building, this picture is the best visual definition of the current state of Lindsay Lohan's life. The people of São Paulo have been told to triple lock their bottles of booze and hide their valuables under bars of soap (she'll never look there), which means that Lindsay Lohan is in town.

LiLo is currently in Brazil to collect a six figure check for promoting a clothing line called John John. TMZ posted this picture from Twitterer @orgastic-desire of LiLo mingling with the cigarette butts and other pieces of trash while hiding under the DJ table at a club.

TMZ says that LiLo was at the club for hours and when a bunch of people started asking her to take pictures with them, she refused and hid from them under the table.

Everybody should leave Lindsay Lohan alone. After a long, hard day ofsnatching bracelets and snorting mini bottles of vodka on a plane ride to Brazil, you too would want to take a quick, early morning disco nap on a comfortable concrete floor under a table at a club.

Sometimes a mess just needs a quiet moment to herself to get her thoughts together (aka snort a line of the bad shyt) in peace while sitting on a dried puddle of whiskey. A dried puddle of whiskey that probably has Syphilis now." -D-Listed

573 days ago


I Love Dirt and RW.
I really do.

It is April 1st here!!

573 days ago
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