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Lindsay Lohan

In Limbo

Over Rehab

3/31/2013 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_tmzIt's been two weeks since Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in lockdown rehab, but TMZ has learned there's been no movement in placing her in a facility.

We broke the story after lots of digging ... there's no such thing as lockdown rehab for Lindsay, and that creates a problem because we're told the judge and prosecutors were under the clear impression -- based on representations by Lindsay's lawyer -- that she could be placed in such a facility in New York.

We're told prosecutors are discussing what to do with the famed defendant, but nothing has been decided. The options are regular rehab (where Lindsay has been a royal screw-up in the past) and jail. 

 In fact, the sentence is actually 90 days in jail which can be fulfilled by 90 days lockdown rehab.

It's unclear if prosecutors will make the rehab decision on their own or take it back to the judge. Given that the judge also seemed to clearly be under the impression that lockdown was an option, it's likely Judge Jim Dabney will have to sign off.



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LiLO chose box number two, ninety days in jail will mean three hours in jail and eighteen days hotel arrest.

534 days ago


Why are people just waiting around for the poor girl to die? They committed Brittany to an institution and she's doing fine now. They can do something for this poor woman. TMZ should start a petition to institutionalize the woman instead of exploiting her.

534 days ago

Cold Azz Honkey    

The headline should have been "A BIMBO IN LIMBO".

534 days ago

The Man They Call Louis    

Rehab shouldn't be an option at this point. What the hell's been going on in Brazil?, who is she kidding?...she's laughing at the court system.

534 days ago


Let her do rehab in Alcatraz. Plenty of room to wander; give her champagne glasses to throw, a card table to crawl under, and rope and sandpaper to make a raft. No cell phone or internet devices and fire on any boats hauling in rent-a-friends, turbanators, hobbits and other undesirables. We know she needs solitude for "taking this seriously and moving forward."
Expensive? Of course, but it couldn't be more expensive than all the f*cking around the courts have done with this skank for years. When she's done with rehab, she can put whatever rocks she's stolen in her pockets and swim back.

534 days ago


LL reminds me of that 1992 Simpsons episode where Bart is continually getting in trouble, and Homer is unable to give him any suitable punishment.

534 days ago



534 days ago

Chief Gall    

Silly haters and silly gossip site polls. Of course most will vote against Lindsay. This is hater territory. Haters are attracted to negative Lindsay news like flies to zhit. You would think Lindsay Lohan thief, Lindsay Lohan jail, rehab, Lindsay Lohan train wreck, Lindsay Lohan criminal, would be constant trending searches. Lindsay Lohan Letterman trended all day yesterday on Yahoo and the story was not from TMZ or other major sites. As soon as folks caught wind of it they couldn't get enough. Oh but wait just a damn minute, every singly human wants to see a train wreck and that's why the Richard Phillips film is pushing 4M views on Youtube and that's why her twitter is more than 5.5M followers and climbing and that's why her movies are constantly on TV every week. Georgia Rule is on AGAIN this Tuesday and a bunch of others this week, the next and the next..... They just want to see a train wreck and a skanky, thieving criminal. LOL!!!!! Every human??? Well yeah, if haters hate, every human hates. Why? Because you say so, that's why!!!! Damn this zhit is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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534 days ago


For God's sake, just put her in jail already.

534 days ago


Mm, I would be surprise if Charlie said anything negative, till the episode airs, which is supposed to happen in April sometime. But who knows.....maybe he'll surprise us?

534 days ago


My prediction: she's going to DIE before she ever gets REAL rehab. So far she's shown ZERO interest in sobriety. She's no longer famous as an actress; she's famous as a slow-motion train wreck. Jail might save her.

534 days ago


This Brazil stuff is not that complicated. Lindsay has until 5/2 to comply with the court's orders. Until then, with certain restrictions, Lindsay can do what she wants--including hanging out in clubs in Brazil---looking like every prostitute I've ever seen on cops.
.Lindsay may think she's pulling a fast one on the court but she is the ultimate loser. First, with her lifestyle she is destroying her body inside and out. Secondly, she works in an industry where the likeability factor is critical. The more Lindsay behaves in this fashion the fewer opportunities for employment she will have--and she does not have many now. So Lindsay may be laughing at the court system but everyone else is laughing at her.

534 days ago

Stephanie Rittel    

Let her go to jail....but I don't think she will even learn anything from that.

534 days ago


Looks like Lindsay was playing limbo with the table the other day and the table won .

534 days ago


That's what the State of California gets for allowing an attorney licensed in NY.

534 days ago
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