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Arnold & Maria

Stomach Each Other

... for Easter Brunch

4/1/2013 7:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver reunited for an Easter brunch at a swanky hotel in Santa Monica yesterday ... but unlike Jesus, their marriage wasn't resurrected that day.

The former couple met up at Shutters On the Beach in their finest Easter outfits for what appeared to be a pretty civil get-together.

But sources close to the couple tell us ... despite the cordial front, Maria feels the relationship is irretrievably broken and the divorce is still full speed ahead.

You know ... because it's hard to take back your husband when he secretly knocks up your maid, hides the love child and then brags about his infidelities in a tell-all book.


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I can't see them keeping down anything.

570 days ago


Arnold has bodyguards?

570 days ago


As shocking as his behavior with having a child with the maid was, he has been a notorious cheater for years. And he would talk to her horribly in front of other people. The Kennedy women have looked the other way at infidelities for years. Old school catholic way of viewing marriage. But what he did was so vile and humiliating she had to leave him. The whole world had found out. It was no longer just about what she knew he was doing. I wouldn't be surprised that if a few more years go by, and things die down she doesn't take him back.

570 days ago


I'm sure she can't believe how many years she wasted on this guy. I never cared much for Maria one way or the other, but my respect for her grew when she finally faced the facts & left. I never could understand why she assumed all the stories, from so many different place & people, were all lies? I mean this wasn't Lindsay Lohen & some nerdy little mean girl thing. Can you imagine how she feels after defending him for so long? I don't dislike Arnold, but she'd have to be totally clueless (or without any self esteem) to re-marry the guy.

570 days ago


He is as gross as they come. Makes my skin crawl. Sleazy low life.

570 days ago


Arnold-S is an AssHoIe !....

570 days ago


Has she taken her Xmas lights down? Keep us informed TMZ!!!

570 days ago


That's what divorced couples do for the sake of their children. I think it's civil behavior and may get them points in Heaven.

570 days ago


It's kinda sorta sobering to see two people with such fame and notoriety in the fantasy world having a miserable life in the real world. Partly answers the question as to why these good souls tend to live more in a fantasy world than the real one. Having said that I salute them for their achievements and regret that their lives have become the stuff of supermarket scandal sheets (present company excepted, of course.)

570 days ago


Arnold's a loser.

570 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Oh why not give it another try? Vanessa Bryant took back Kobe and he RAPED another woman's backdoor. Arnold is just an all around sleeze who banged the fugly maid and then left his wife throw her a baby shower.

570 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I think in this instance it's cruel if her kids are the ones insisting these two get together,for Easter or any other holiday! If I were their daughter, I would hope I'd have more empathy for my mother than to encourage a forced get together. It's obvious that Maria wasn't happy about the so called Easter brunch with him.

568 days ago

mukasa yusuf    

dont see any problem wiz it his aman jst like any body

566 days ago


Good for them , getting out and about and airing the dirty laundry is healthier than hiding under a rock and festering puss... they married back in 1986 and have four loving children together, they have plenty to celebrate !

565 days ago

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