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'Buckwild' Star

Carbon Monoxide

Possible Cause of Death

4/1/2013 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:38 PM PT -- TMZ has learned ... the bodies of all 3 victims have been recovered from the scene and have been transferred to the local medical examiner's office where autopsies will be performed.

2:29 PM PT
-- Officials have retrieved Shain's red Ford Bronco from the muddy pit where it was discovered ... and judging by pictures of the car taken at the scene, it appears the vehicle was submerged past the window.

The photos seem to support the theory that the passengers died from carbon monoxide poisoning because the deadly fumes from the car could not escape through the tailpipe, which was completely submerged in the mud.

There is evidence that "Buckwild" star Shain Gandee may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning ... sources close to the death investigation tell TMZ.

A rep for the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office in West Virginia tells us, the bodies of Shain, his uncle David Gandee, and a third unidentified person are still inside the truck where they were originally found. Authorities have been unable to remove the bodies from the scene because of the truck's location.

According to the rep, Shain's 1984 Bronco is stuck knee-deep in mud in the middle of nowhere ... and the only way to reach it is via an all-terrain vehicle.

We're told there is no cell reception in the area, which is why Shain and the others couldn't be reached. We're also told the bodies were originally discovered today by a passing ATV rider.

Police wouldn't confirm or deny whether carbon monoxide poisoning played a role in the deaths -- but sources connected with the investigation say it's the likely scenario, especially if the exhaust pipe was submerged in mud.



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Virginia is a very beautiful place blue ridge is breath taking.and the people that live there are the most real people in the U.S. BESIDES PORTLAND OREGON people are so down to earth and open hearted check it out see some history

506 days ago


shain we know why they call you gandee cause its trick or treat all year round. i am gonna miss u!!

506 days ago


It's too bad these guys died in this tragic way, but when you live a 'wild TV show lifestyle' like this it's hard to feel too sorry for them at the same time..RIP..though.

506 days ago


Was this just a VERY tragic April Fools prank that went terribly wrong? Because if you're stuck in a car, windows deep in mud, when the fumes start coming into the car, YOU TURN YOUR ENGINE OFF. Something's not right about this tragedy

506 days ago


Darwin Award

Idiot hillbillies - anyone with any mudding and/or car experience would know to immediately shut off the engine.

506 days ago


When you are (not intentionally) dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, and your truck is stuck in a mud puddle, you open the door, break a window or whatever, and you hop out of the truck. Who cares if you get wet and muddy? All THREE people decided not to escape from the car?

506 days ago


Ok well seriously this boy was not just some dumb hick obviously they must have hit that hole pretty hard and maybe got knocked unconscious and couldn't turn the car off or try helping him self and just because they left from the bar does not mean he was drunk driving he could have been there picking up the person they found in the car because he needed a ride . It was said him and his uncle where going muddying . Then all the sudden the third person that was not mentioned until found dead . Compassion people have some compassion no one knows what really went down the only ones that knew the truth are unable to speak it now R.I.P Shane

506 days ago


So thats what the Red Necks call meth now...

506 days ago


shain i am pretty sure we all know why they called you gandee candy. u might be gone but you wont be frogotten. rip

506 days ago


Doubt he died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning.. That back window isn't broke.. it was removed or broken at a different date.. anyone that has been mudding can tell it wasn't sunk up to the window.. that is unless they gave that truck a nice wash after pulling it out? Highly unlikely. This kid wasn't stupid.. if it was sunk that bad he would have rolled down his windows.. oh wait theres no back window. No CM Poisoning here.. Heroin from salwa or whatever her name is + alcohol

506 days ago

lion 3rd     

funny how when some one dies and that one person talk's **** , then the rest of the zombies follow , RIP shane '' AkA - gandee candy ''

506 days ago


Very sad, but stranged because if they were inside the Bronco, why they didn't turn the engine off? Then try to get out from a window before the bronco sink, they had plenty of time to do that more becuse the truck sinked in the mud not water. Looks more like the commit suicide!!!

506 days ago


Hope he wasn't awake the whole time. Such a slow and painful way to go. o_o

506 days ago


who goes 4 wheeling with a Ford Bronco ll anyways RIP

506 days ago


If the tail pipe was smerged in mud the engine would died Looks kind of fake I think there were murder this looks all think a crime

506 days ago
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