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'Buckwild' Star

Carbon Monoxide

Possible Cause of Death

4/1/2013 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:38 PM PT -- TMZ has learned ... the bodies of all 3 victims have been recovered from the scene and have been transferred to the local medical examiner's office where autopsies will be performed.

2:29 PM PT
-- Officials have retrieved Shain's red Ford Bronco from the muddy pit where it was discovered ... and judging by pictures of the car taken at the scene, it appears the vehicle was submerged past the window.

The photos seem to support the theory that the passengers died from carbon monoxide poisoning because the deadly fumes from the car could not escape through the tailpipe, which was completely submerged in the mud.

There is evidence that "Buckwild" star Shain Gandee may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning ... sources close to the death investigation tell TMZ.

A rep for the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office in West Virginia tells us, the bodies of Shain, his uncle David Gandee, and a third unidentified person are still inside the truck where they were originally found. Authorities have been unable to remove the bodies from the scene because of the truck's location.

According to the rep, Shain's 1984 Bronco is stuck knee-deep in mud in the middle of nowhere ... and the only way to reach it is via an all-terrain vehicle.

We're told there is no cell reception in the area, which is why Shain and the others couldn't be reached. We're also told the bodies were originally discovered today by a passing ATV rider.

Police wouldn't confirm or deny whether carbon monoxide poisoning played a role in the deaths -- but sources connected with the investigation say it's the likely scenario, especially if the exhaust pipe was submerged in mud.



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To bad. How long to get rid of the rest. worst show ever.

537 days ago


So so sad... Say what you want about him but he was a very young man just getting started with his life.. He'll never get married, never have kids... Nothing.. It's just heartbreaking

537 days ago


Keep posting those "don't do this at home" disclaimers, MTV.... But then keep doing what u feel necessary for viewership of shows that encourage this kind of reckless behavior. Clearly you're a good influence on society :/ I hope SOME lesson can come about after this senseless tragedy

537 days ago


Reality Tea already reported that.

537 days ago


That has got to be THE dumbest way to day. Darwinism does work.

537 days ago


I have no idea who these people are, but that's still very tragic. I hope none of them suffered.

537 days ago


How terrible. Its is like something you'd see on the thousand ways to die or whatever it's called.

537 days ago


Now what kinda mess'd them Duke boys get themselves into this time?

537 days ago


I'm sorry, what?! They died because their truck got stuck in mud?! ???

537 days ago


..God bless his Mother, father grandmother and friends. May God be with them to their toughest days. It is so hard to lose a love one. Just god bless them.

537 days ago

OH NO!    

Now all the rednecks are going to be huffing exhaust, hoping to get high.....

537 days ago


Were they off roading while drunk at 3am?! F*cking redneck @ssholes!

537 days ago


How would the fumes get in the car if the exhaust pipe was submerged in mud and was it not possible to turn off the car and climb ur of the windows f the mud is only knee deep? What a tragic death.

537 days ago


Has anyone not thought.. hmm it is April Fools day, and that this is just a joke...

537 days ago


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537 days ago
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