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'Buckwild' Star

Carbon Monoxide

Possible Cause of Death

4/1/2013 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:38 PM PT -- TMZ has learned ... the bodies of all 3 victims have been recovered from the scene and have been transferred to the local medical examiner's office where autopsies will be performed.

2:29 PM PT
-- Officials have retrieved Shain's red Ford Bronco from the muddy pit where it was discovered ... and judging by pictures of the car taken at the scene, it appears the vehicle was submerged past the window.

The photos seem to support the theory that the passengers died from carbon monoxide poisoning because the deadly fumes from the car could not escape through the tailpipe, which was completely submerged in the mud.

There is evidence that "Buckwild" star Shain Gandee may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning ... sources close to the death investigation tell TMZ.

A rep for the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office in West Virginia tells us, the bodies of Shain, his uncle David Gandee, and a third unidentified person are still inside the truck where they were originally found. Authorities have been unable to remove the bodies from the scene because of the truck's location.

According to the rep, Shain's 1984 Bronco is stuck knee-deep in mud in the middle of nowhere ... and the only way to reach it is via an all-terrain vehicle.

We're told there is no cell reception in the area, which is why Shain and the others couldn't be reached. We're also told the bodies were originally discovered today by a passing ATV rider.

Police wouldn't confirm or deny whether carbon monoxide poisoning played a role in the deaths -- but sources connected with the investigation say it's the likely scenario, especially if the exhaust pipe was submerged in mud.



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As this was in the back woods of West Virginia one wonders if they were told to squeal like a pig before bubba finished.

569 days ago


I find it hard to leave believe they died from carbon monoxide. They reroute the exhaust so it does not go into the mud, otherwise the vehicle could not go "muddin" like they do. His muddin trucks they previously showed had the exhaust rerouted above the hood.
Has anyone considered they overdosed???
The other chick is in jail for heroin possession.....
Fame went to their head too soon???

569 days ago


I had a friend die years ago from carbon monoxide while in his car. He got off work really late (excavator and their boss worked their asses off into late in the night with job site lit up like a surgery room) and he stopped at rest stop on the highway (he lived like 45 minutes away out in they country) because he was getting sleepy . it was cold so he left the heater running, fell asleep and never woke up again. Such a shock. I can't imagine what all three families are going through. My thoughts are with them all.

569 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

Is this article implying that they kept the car running even though the tailpipe was submerged in mud? I'm sorry that they're dead (even though I don't know who they are and I wouldn't watch this show if you paid me) but what kind of moron does something that stupid?

569 days ago

Los Pepes    


569 days ago


I hope the young rednecks who watch this show learn something from these stupid,sensless alcohol related deaths.

569 days ago

Los Pepes    

Cause of death

569 days ago


Just read what his friends are saying about MTV.

569 days ago


Darwin is right again.

569 days ago


Are you sure it was from poisoning? The picture I saw the back window wasn't even there

569 days ago


In the pic above the rear window is missing.

569 days ago


Firstly, My prayers go out to their families. I am sorry for your loss & saddened that you are faced with so many mean judgements about the loved ones you've lost... Secondly, Please understand that I am not some pious person up on a pedestal but rather just a fellow human feeling disgusted by the amount of nasty comments referencing this event. Look, I can be just as critical & nasty about a lot of these reality stars & young celebs - let's face it they aren't always the brightest or nicest & they make it very for people say negative things about them, their lives & their actions but this is just not in that common thread. Yes, they were quite misguided to leave the bar & then go to the middle of nowhere to go four-wheeling. But, I have watched this show & also know a lot of people that go out mudbogging, 4-wheeling & any number of other kinda ridiculous things. I have watched this guy Shain & his friends get stuck bunches if times & just hang out til someone came along or the car worked it's way out of the mud. I doubt very much that these guys hadn't done this before & been stuck before. The only reason it came into play this time is because MTV as involved & Shaun not being available when needed sent them on the hunt. Please, can't we stop the reality show "Star" bashing just long enough to understand this truly is a very unfortunate accident - it's a sad, sad accident. And, Yes, it probably could have been avoided but when you grow up in these backwoods areas this type of activity is commonplace. I know we are in a world where we all want/need to place our angry attitudes somewhere & the celeb spotlight seems like a great place for it, but, not this time. I know it's cliche' but if you can't offer your condolences or some word of peace to these families then, Please, just say nothing at all. Trust me, you really never do know when something so tragic may come your way - I hope it never does. Some thoughts for your consideration, next time you may not jump as quickly - Just Maybe... Again. My Sympathy goes out to those touched by this sadness.

569 days ago


Very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.

569 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Well kids??

That's what happens when you go out and INSIST on being stupid.

Sometimes you walk away.

Sometimes you don't.

569 days ago


I swear some of you guys are utter morons. If it was carbon monoxide poisoning, they most likely didn't even know it was leaking into the truck. It's odorless, and by the time you start encountering symptoms you usually have already inhaled a fatal dose. It's likely the truck was left running for warmth and they were already asleep, or fell asleep from the fumes. The other scenario is that they were awake but already experiencing symptoms which include confusion and delirium and may not have been able to think clearly on what was going on and how to escape it. Whatever happened, it's sad, 3 lives were cut short, and their loved ones are grieving. Show some respect.

569 days ago
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