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'Buckwild' Star

Carbon Monoxide

Possible Cause of Death

4/1/2013 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

2:38 PM PT -- TMZ has learned ... the bodies of all 3 victims have been recovered from the scene and have been transferred to the local medical examiner's office where autopsies will be performed.

2:29 PM PT
-- Officials have retrieved Shain's red Ford Bronco from the muddy pit where it was discovered ... and judging by pictures of the car taken at the scene, it appears the vehicle was submerged past the window.

The photos seem to support the theory that the passengers died from carbon monoxide poisoning because the deadly fumes from the car could not escape through the tailpipe, which was completely submerged in the mud.

There is evidence that "Buckwild" star Shain Gandee may have died from carbon monoxide poisoning ... sources close to the death investigation tell TMZ.

A rep for the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office in West Virginia tells us, the bodies of Shain, his uncle David Gandee, and a third unidentified person are still inside the truck where they were originally found. Authorities have been unable to remove the bodies from the scene because of the truck's location.

According to the rep, Shain's 1984 Bronco is stuck knee-deep in mud in the middle of nowhere ... and the only way to reach it is via an all-terrain vehicle.

We're told there is no cell reception in the area, which is why Shain and the others couldn't be reached. We're also told the bodies were originally discovered today by a passing ATV rider.

Police wouldn't confirm or deny whether carbon monoxide poisoning played a role in the deaths -- but sources connected with the investigation say it's the likely scenario, especially if the exhaust pipe was submerged in mud.



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Alvin Gage    

Good **** maybe now they will end this stupid show lol

538 days ago


Stop saying mean things about him dave your a ass and we will miss you you was so young it hearbreaking

538 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does. Darwin wins this one!! These inbred uneducated morons are given money and a little fame and they will all end up dying. I am sure his mom/sister is upset.

538 days ago


It doesn't matter if you think is a stupid way to die. It happened. and is sad. Respect the tragedy. No one deserves to be made fun of or be talked about in a moment of death. Their families will be hurt and he will
be missed. People could forget to do things when it comes down to danger, or if alcohol is involved. You never know how your going to die so take back your words who ever think is funny or stupid. Rest in peace Shane ! <3

538 days ago


Some of you ppl are sick.He is someone's family and friend. And its sick the 1st thing you have to say is a ignorant comment when you hear someone has passed on.May god Bless Your soul.R.I.P Shain Prayers to your friends and family

538 days ago


That's so sad RIP to all 3 and i think that cast has bad luck stuff keeps happening to all of them

538 days ago


Very sad. RIP.

538 days ago


you can see the waterline where it was aubmerged to half way up the door, not over the windows. That is mud that was splashed up. If it was submerged above the window they would have got out or drowned. Its a bronco not a submarine.

538 days ago


Look, I have absolutely nothing in common with the people on this show but this kind of death should be reserved for ***** like the Kardashians and Lohans. These hillbillies weren't hurting anyone and seemed to be happy with the little things in life. Not gonna make fun of them.

538 days ago


So Tragic - rest in peace!

538 days ago


I'm a West Virginian. I'm an American. But first and most if all I am human. To hear other people talk about a human being whom they've never met, degrade his name and his family, is just disgusting. Those of you who say that people like him give America a bad name and choose to say nasty things are the ones who make Americans look bad. How many countries do you actually think aired "Buckwild"? Not many. How many people from other countries look at the internet and comments from our websites? Millions! Come on people! We are all humans, have some g** dam dignity and quit with the petty bulls***! Go do something nice for someone for a change

538 days ago


Ironic this is how they go out, since they spend most their lives in Hayseed backwater-ville knee deep in mud, wrassling pigs, drinking themselves into submission and such. You'd think they'd know from mud.

538 days ago


Who the heck goes off roading in an old pos Broncho II.

538 days ago


Just three stupid POS's . No loss to humanity whatsoever. Wish there was a way we could have things like this occur more often. Like a million times a day.....

538 days ago


I find it sad that people have no respect for human life anymore you sit back and judge on your computer and make rude comments about this young guy

538 days ago
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