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Lindsay Lohan's Plea Deal

One String Attached ...


4/1/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_lindsay_lohan_adderall_composite2Lindsay Lohan drew a line in the sand during plea negotiations in her lying-to-cops case -- she'd agree to rehab ONLY if the facility would allow her to continue taking Adderall ... sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

Our sources say Lindsay has taken Adderall -- used to treat Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and misused for various other purposes -- daily for years.  She believes she needs it to function.

We're told Lindsay was steadfast -- either attach Adderall to the deal or she'd take her chances at trial.  Sources say Lindsay's lawyer, Mark Heller, assured her he could find a lockdown rehab facility that would accommodate her demand.

Heller may not be able to deliver ... fact is, there's no such thing as a lockdown rehab facility that would take Lindsay, much less allow her to take the drug.

It's pretty ironic ... when Lindsay was jailed back in 2010, she got a doctor to prescribe Adderall while she was behind bars ... even though her ADHD diagnosis was called into serious question.

A number of people in Lindsay's life believe it was the Adderall that led to her downfall.


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Politico Pablo    

Just image the withdrawals from Adderall, Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.
Wouldn't want her to have any sharp objects.

507 days ago


*but let her have her smokes, eh?

507 days ago


^^^ !!!Detain Lindsay Lohan indefinitely without charge!!!*

507 days ago


OK, wait a minute. An addict is sentenced to rehab and SHE is calling the shots saying that her main drug of choice has to be part of the bargain? Did I READ THAT RIGHT?

507 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is in NO POSITION to make demands to anyone for anything! She should be doing HARD TIME in jail....PERIOD!

507 days ago


Adderall= legal speed. Literally. I've been on it and it's a horrible drug. EXTREMELY addictive, it gets you high even on a legal prescribed dose. Tolerance builds fast and you have to take more and more for the same effects. Thankfully I got off of it asap. It is just as bad as any street drug.

507 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

So she declined to board her plane and she and Patty checked into another hotel? Everybody else flew back to they US. And another sire said that the prosecutors are right now trying to figure out what to do with her

507 days ago


Addrall is code for cocaine. And if the ADHD is really real, then there are many other drugs available. I'm on one of the alternatives that has saved my life. She gives ADHD a bad name.

507 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Hey douchebags, you H8TURDS need to spend more time on sites like TMZ posting about how much you H8 a famous actree, singer, and model if you think it will make you feel better about yourselves anytime soon. Cause you H8TURDS are so loserfied, you;ll be farting in the fan when she comes out with more silver gold amd PLATINUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gone BIETCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

507 days ago


Poor girl has a serious case of stimulant psychosis on her hands! She needs a therapist soon to get her off popping pills and deal with life like a normal person, or she's going to end up like Amy!!!

507 days ago

Miz Val    

Don't you have to have a personality in order to prescribe drugs to control the disorder of said personality?

507 days ago


Adderall basically = legal controlled-release cocaine. Minus the controlled-release when you snort it like LL

506 days ago
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