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'Buckwild' Star Shain Gandee

Family Needs Cash to

Cover Funeral Expenses

4/2/2013 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shain Gandee did not get rich during his brief stint as an MTV reality star -- far from it -- so his family is turning to his community to help pay for funeral expenses ... TMZ has learned.

Shain's cousin, Ashley Gandee, is organizing a memorial "mud run" (an off-road trucking event) to ease the financial strain on Shain's family in the wake of the "Buckwild" star's death.

"I know the strain they are going through," Ashley tells us ... adding, "It's hard to provide a proper burial. It's already tough with the loss of family members ... expenses are tough as well."

FYI -- Ashley was with Shain at the opening of her shop Gandee's General Store in Crown City, Ohio on Saturday ... two days before he was found dead.

Ashley tells us the "mud run" event will take place Wednesday night in Proctorville, Ohio -- a town about 50 miles from Charleston, West Virginia where "Buckwild" is filmed.

We're told there will be a $10 charge for each vehicle -- Ashley's store will also be taking donations.

It's unclear how much dough Shain made during his career on the MTV show -- but as we learned from the "Jersey Shore" situation, the stars don't usually see a big pay day until AFTER the show becomes a hit. It's safe to say Shain was probably making a couple thousand dollars at best.


As we previously reported ... Shain was found dead in his Ford Bronco Monday in West Virginia -- along with his uncle and a male friend -- after the vehicle was submerged in mud. Carbon Monoxide poisoning may have been the cause.


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So he died because he wanted to drive his car around in mud...and he found that entertaining? Wow. White people are crazy and y'all die in the strangest ways. RIP.

536 days ago

BB not bb    

MTV started making reality shows because they were cheaper to produce than soap operas. They get people to appear on them for the thrill of being famous, not for the money. The reason the Jersey Shore cast got rich was because they had a business savy person like Mike negotiating better contracts. Then they also used their fame for endorsements and other show opportunities.

I think they originally only made $150 per episode in season one. They get to live in the house and I guess maybe they got spedning money. Buckwild seems to have been filmed in an impoverished area. Funerals do cost a lot of money for a poor person.

If MTV would just pay for the funeral, it would look like they cared about their performers more than if they were just random subjects of a do***entary. These people are not just baboons in a forrest.

I think they will continue production after people get over the shock. It would just help everything move along if they could get the bodies buried without scrounging for money.

536 days ago


Well, this is so sad, MTV should bury him. This should also let people know that when you get stuck in your car, you need to make sure the pipe is not covered up or you will die like these three did.

536 days ago


MTV should pay for the funeral. And for the next reality star that dies as well.

536 days ago


Can we please stop this? I think if UFOs landed on the White House lawn there would be less media coverage than this has had.

It's extremely tragic that this kid died, and that it was most likely preventable. The group left a bar at 3am, so most likely they were allegedly drunk to begin with, then went mudding, got stuck, and allegedly died from carbon monoxide poisoning - and if they were drunk it would have impaired their judgement to the point where they didn't even roll down their windows and were taken over by the gas. Yes, it was tragic. Yes, we do sympathize with the family... we DO get it.

But please, let's move on.

536 days ago


Why should MTV pay for it? What happened to the $ he made?

536 days ago


This is for all of you Hill Billy apologists who insist on putting this kid on a pedastel:

A. How in the heck do you know he was a "nice guy". Just because you have lousy taste in entertainment, and watched his TV show, doesn't mean he was a "nice guy". He could have been a screaming racist and bigot, but MTV just edited it out. I wouldn't know. I actually have taste, so I don't watch that garbage.

B. He was "mudding" - or whatever it is those inbred morons do - @3 AM, after spending the night in a bar. Anybody with a few brain cells can figure out they were drinking, otherwise it doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure out that if your truck gets stuck, you get the hell out and try to push it out (the driver would have to roll down the window to listen to the pushers), or go back down to the farm and get a winch or rope to pull it out.

C. If his parents can't afford to bury him, that's thier problem. They should have savings for emergencys. They could also borrow money. What, they don't have a credit card? Trying to profit off your sons death is disgusting. How can you enablers feel sorry for that?

D. We have soldiers dying almost every day fighting for your freedoms, and also improve themselves thru training and the GI bill, but you a-holes want to dedicate long posts, praying for some a-hole who's biggest claim to fame is acting like a special needs gorilla on a trashy reality show. Get your freakin' priorities in order! I'ts trash loving consumers like you that are giving this country a black eye!

Sure, it sucks he's dead. Dumb a**es who do dumb things die every day. He is no freakin' saint.

536 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

I tell you what..I will pay for the funeral if I get a nght with Shae...sweet jesus that girl gets me hard!!

536 days ago


MTV condoned the behavior during taping. But, they obviously did most of those things off camera, so MTV isn't liable. Where is the anti-South hate coming from? California? Bankrupt. New England? Liberal azzholes. I could go on, but why waste my time?

536 days ago


I agree totally with "getoveryourself". Everyone says - oh I liked him so much, then you pay for the funeral. If a family doesn't have a few thousand dollars between all of them then they get nothing. And why should MTV pay, would your employer pay for yours ?? These are nothing but white trash who got what they deserve. Of course they were drinking and god knows what else. The world is better off without this white trash. I never watched the show so wouldn't know what's it's about. Only lowlife trash watches that kind of crap. One has a better life if they surround themselves with good positive productive people, not the reality shows. Everyone just wants to see a trainwreck. Well you got one - Yahoo!!!!

536 days ago

Gregory Pecker    

In all seriousness...don't you think it was alcohol and crystal meth that got him into this situation? And don't you think that MTV should cough up some money for the funeral....not us?

536 days ago

Buck Boy    

I feel such sadness for him Very attractive guy and I think had he lived long enough, he would have come out. I would have dated him, probably ended up gettin' hitched and opened a little story selling knick knacks.

Called Hitch N Kitch with Buck N Kandee...

536 days ago


MTV is a total jinx. If you happen to be a part of a show on that network, you may become another statistic. MTV should pay for the funeral. I'm sure they can afford $5k for one especially because there's no doubt they contributed to this kids death somehow. Carbon monoxide or whatever. Everything MTV gets involved with turns to ****. So done with that network.

536 days ago


Why wouldn't the network do the decent thing and cover the cost. Cheap Bastards!!

536 days ago


hey those people not respecting the dead and their families so find the fastest way to hell...

536 days ago
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