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Maria Shriver

My Christmas Lights

Ain't Going NOWHERE

4/2/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver
has no plans to take down those pesky Christmas lights ... even though it's ALREADY APRIL ... telling TMZ, they're way more than just Christmas lights.

TMZ broke the story ... Maria's neighbors have been complaining about the unseasonal decorations outside her Brentwood home, saying they're an eyesore. (TMZ shot video of the lights last week ... and they really do stick out like a sore thumb).

But Maria tells a slightly different story ... and says the lights represent something much deeper than a single holiday, which is why they're still up. 

Or maybe she's just making excuses.



No Avatar


News Flash....... North Korea Wants To Bomb us!!!!

538 days ago


Keep them on...itll be christmas soon

538 days ago


They don't look like Christmas lights to me. They may not have anything to do with the holiday. Give her a break. I don't care for her family (the Kennedys) but she's had to go through something awful in the last year. After defending Arnie for so long she had to face the facts about her marriage & accept that Arnie had so little respect for her or their marriage that he had another child while married. The neighbors need to consider how she must be feeling. She's hurt, her ego took about the worst hit one's ego can take & she may be feeling stupid for trying so hard to believe that the other women talk was all just stupid rumors , when they were facts & she's left with egg on her face for being so naive. Let her be.

538 days ago


Sorry that's just attention seeking Gaudiness. I especially hate the all white lights. That's just "hey look at me and my wonderful house, Aren't I hoity toity?" True Christmas lights are colorful, happy and fun. But even the true kind of Christmas lights would be gaudy after January 1st. There comes a point and a time where you get off your lazy ass and either take them down or at least don't turn them on.

538 days ago

Calgary Observer    

BAD LUCK... ALL Christmas decorations MUST be down by Ground Hog Day or the residence will be cursed for the year. tsk tsk tsk Watch y your back Maria.

538 days ago


How can it be an eyesore in March if it's considered lovely in December? I've often wished people kept them up all winter.

538 days ago


She should have more class than that!!! If I was a neighbor.. id be pissed... I am sure she should be fined!! She is sooo TACKY!!!

538 days ago

Lily Daisy    

I agree with most of these remarks, but at the end of the day, they aren't "hurting" her neighbors and after what Maria has had to endure, she deserves a little slack and consideration.... I still have some small white lights up at my front window. I was going to take them down as usual by New Years, but I just couldn't. Sometime in March I decided to keep them up indefinitely. Why? Because they make me a happier person!

538 days ago


She's going nuts now, that's all.

538 days ago


"ain't going nowhere" Where did she go to school?

538 days ago


How pathetic!

538 days ago


The N E C (national electrical code) by which ALL electrical codes across the U.S. are based on clearly defines christmas lights as festoon lighting and establishes the period of time they may be left up. therefore if there is any kind of code enforcement they can easily make her take them down. People do your research before you comment on articles, would ya!!!

538 days ago


It's April. It's time to take the freaking lights down, Maria. To those saying she's been through a lot, give me a break. People get cheated on everyday, you don't see them hanging and keeping up lights all year round. Come on now guys.

538 days ago


I hate when people think they can tell you what to do... If she doesn't want to take them down than **** off damn neighbors...

538 days ago

Buck Boy    

Everytime I see this woman I think how she went overboard to cover up Arnold's lie to help keep him
in office for all those years. She is NOT to be trusted as a journalist........and her neighbors are right....

538 days ago
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