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TV Producers Paying for Shain's Funeral

4/3/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two production companies behind the MTV reality show "Buckwild" have offered to pay for all of Shain Gandee's funeral expenses, TMZ has learned.

Parallel Entertainment CEO J.P. Williams -- who produces the show with Zoo Productions -- tells us, "Shain was a great kid with a big heart who had endless love for his mom and dad." He adds, "I am from West Virginia and this show reminded me of how I grew up."

A public service for Shain will be held this Sunday.

As for the donation websites that have been raising money to help pay for the funeral -- we're told that money will now go toward expenses incurred by Shain's family during the recovery effort.

We're told any remaining money will go towards the funeral of the other two men that were killed, including Shain's uncle.

As we reported, 21-year-old Shain was found dead yesterday morning inside his truck, which had stalled out submerged in mud while off-roading. Shain and the two other men died from carbon monoxide poisoning.



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Fred Farkel    

Forrest Gump had an IQ of 76 and I would like to remind folks that Forrest Gump would have gotten out of the truck and walked (I mean run) home to his momma.

I would like to remind the teens and 20-something morons who worship this guy that apparently - he had an IQ that was lower than Forrest Gump.

Well. So much for your hero...

547 days ago

BB not bb    

Well I thought they should step up and do something. It seems like the nice thing to do here. These people are just poor people who work hard for a living. Shane was a garbage man. They helped the rich get richer but still are poor themselves.

547 days ago


He was an experienced off road driver, his last truck was fit with a snorkel to prevent things like this from happening. He should have put one on the Bronco. A nice kid who enjoyed his country life.. Tragic situation.

547 days ago


MTV and any other production company that encourages and celebrates reckless behaviour as a tv show should be banned...what happened to real tv and real actors?

547 days ago


Good. Glad to hear it. My prayers to his family.

547 days ago


what i dont get is why didnt they get out of the ****ing car? real stupid way to die

547 days ago


Ya I'm going to donate money to not one but four morons that locked themselves INSIDE a truck.

547 days ago


I'm sure if he could have gotten out of the truck he would have.. he was obviously trapped in there. Show some respect people.. Rest easy Shaun <3 & prayers to the family <3

547 days ago


Come on people... if the truck was stuck in the mud.. how could they get out and not get stuck themselves? I'm pretty sure they were all just a little too drunk. God rest his soul. And the others.

547 days ago


MTV made so much money exploiting him and his ilk they damn well should pay for his funeral. It doesn't look like they paid him too much. This kind of TV is a curse; they only take the weak ones and the dumb ones to exploit.

547 days ago



547 days ago


i can tell y'all are from the city and havent lived in the backwoods r small town before ...i grew up in a small town like where shane grew up all the negativity towards a 21 year old kid who had a tv show he never acted fake he was always himself is getting bad things said HES A KID WEATHER HE WAS ON TV OR NOT if it was a random 21year old that died people would feel bad but u gotta bring up a marine died nobody said anything ? well what if someone u like to see on tv died u wouldnt say anything ..and if anyone is from a small town u know that what they do is what every kid does in a place where theres nothing to do .. where i live we mudd and drink beer we dont do drugs im sure he didnt n we work hard witch he did n honestly prob more of a harder worker than half the pencil pushers writing there negative bull**** towards the kid it pisses me off so bad that people are this ignorant to someone who just died i had to say something for people to see cause its been really makin me mad to see a nice kid like shane who prob wouldnt say a bad thing about anyone like what people called him like trash waste of life YOU ALL ARE FOR SAYING THAT SHAME ON YOU AND REST EASY SHANE

547 days ago


MTV is the network. All they do is air it. It's the production company that does everything so that's why they are paying for it. MTV isn't responsible, the company is responsible for that show.

547 days ago


All of the comments to these articles about Shain have proven that you don't have to be a redneck to be ignorant, or white to be a racist.

547 days ago


If you are into idiotic thrillseeking in the middle of the night it would be best done sober. What a stupid waste of young lives.

547 days ago
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