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Justin Bieber

Acting Out Because of

Heartbreak Over Selena

4/3/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
has been spinning out of control not because he's trying to "act like an adult," not because his friends are a bad influence ... but because he's suffering his first case of heartbreak -- courtesy of Selena Gomez -- so say people who are in regular contact with the singer.

Our sources tell us ... Justin was "torn apart" when Selena pulled the plug on their relationship in December, when she walked out on him in the middle of their Mexico vacation.

We're told Justin feels "tortured," because Selena has not made a clean break -- far from it.  We're told she is regularly calling him and sending him mixed messages, and it's been messing with his head.

That could explain why Justin went to Selena's L.A. home last week, but hasn't been seen there since.

Our sources say ... the pot smoking in Newport Beach, the reckless driving and the fighting has all occurred after the split, and they say it's very clear that Bieber is holding a lot of anger that he's releasing ... often inappropriately.



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J-Beaver should Date Fallon Fox....

507 days ago


This is record company/public relations spin. Justin is acting out because he is taking a ton of drugs. Plain and simple.. As far as Gomez is concerned, "she's not with him, cause he's gay." It's obvious people. Get over it people.

507 days ago


And this little prick will play the blame game and still not accept responsibility for his actions. Not Selena's actions, HIS. He's a spoiled brat. He got too big to fats and his wealth is enormous. He's out of control and I see his career going down the drain. He needs some proper people handling his personal affairs and he needs to lay low for a few months. He isn't old enough or wise enough to know the mad machine called the media. He just thinks he knows the media. If he wants to drive a car fast why not ship his skinny ass over to Switzerland where he can drive on the autobahn. He's going to end up dead- Speed Kills. It's such a shame so many people helped this ONCE talented kid get ahead in life and look how he repays them..Through total embarrassment. He still needs to extend an apology to the PAP that was killed and he needs to also pay for his funeral expenses. Then he needs to back his little louis vuitton bag and go to Switzerland for about 6 months. And STOP blaming Selena. He's growing into being a typical narcissistic little prick.

507 days ago


It's always someone elses fault.

507 days ago


AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are just mad because he made your lines saturate when he post TMZ number on twitter and made the fans call, well if it is not that I don't really know why you post this AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH You aaalways say bull**** about people, I shouldn't take my time commenting this, but woah this is totally irrelevant, like you reeeeeeally need to say this kind of things about people? AHAHAHH It seems that you want them to have a bad reputation, this isn't highschool, i'd say you should have a life, but you do have a life, and it suuucks. And to be honest, i feel like a loser commenting this because you'll never read it, but it help.

507 days ago


Pitiful little drama queen, very unrapper like.

507 days ago


JUST A LITTLE BOY, in big boy pants! "Breaking up" is part of "growing up," Every adult has his or her story to tell of heartbreak. Bieber's stories are just beginning! Keep tuned!

507 days ago


ummm... you ALL know thats complete BS right?

506 days ago

buzz kill    

Has he tried the guilt trip angle yet. "If you don't come back I will kill myself, and it will be all your fault" Hey Biebler see if that works for you. Ha Ha

506 days ago


If Justin is having such a tough time coping after the breakup, then why doesn't he just see a therapist?
He's responsible for his own bad behavior, not anybody else.

506 days ago


So it's basically Selena's's always her!
Take responsibility for your own actions and stop trying to blame it on someone else

506 days ago


He's acting like a punk cuz Selena left him or most likely she left him because he acts like a punk. Only he is to blame for his own actions and people should not be making excuses for it.

506 days ago


He's with Mary Jane now

506 days ago

Robert Schiele    

Bull. Unless Selena's a much better actress than anyone credits her with being, given her sparse and measured responses to him via social media, she's polite and nothing more. And given the way he treated her, even that's more than most people would probably bother with.

506 days ago


"so say people who are in regular contact with the singer".


Yeah, most likely coming from his publicity agent in order to do damage control, using it as an excuse for his poor personality.

FACT is, Bieber was like this BEFORE they broke up.

506 days ago
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