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Justin Bieber

Acting Out Because of

Heartbreak Over Selena

4/3/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
has been spinning out of control not because he's trying to "act like an adult," not because his friends are a bad influence ... but because he's suffering his first case of heartbreak -- courtesy of Selena Gomez -- so say people who are in regular contact with the singer.

Our sources tell us ... Justin was "torn apart" when Selena pulled the plug on their relationship in December, when she walked out on him in the middle of their Mexico vacation.

We're told Justin feels "tortured," because Selena has not made a clean break -- far from it.  We're told she is regularly calling him and sending him mixed messages, and it's been messing with his head.

That could explain why Justin went to Selena's L.A. home last week, but hasn't been seen there since.

Our sources say ... the pot smoking in Newport Beach, the reckless driving and the fighting has all occurred after the split, and they say it's very clear that Bieber is holding a lot of anger that he's releasing ... often inappropriately.



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"so say people who are in regular contact with the singer."

More likely from his publicity agent in order to do damage control and using this as an excuse for his behavior.

FACT is that he was this way BEFORE he broke up with Selena. In fact I would bet its the very reason why Selena doesn't want anything to do with him.

Biebers other excuse that he uses all the time is the one where he blames his age. I never acted like he does at his age.

536 days ago


nobody cares

536 days ago


I wonder if the source is from HER camp?

536 days ago


Somebody go get that baby a bottle of warm milk, and soothe him to sleep!

536 days ago


Justin just has a tough time coping with reality! Send him home to mom & dad!

536 days ago


Um. It's called a tub of rocky road, maybe a joint, and a few hours of break up songs. Then a hot shower and a slap in the face when you realize you're a teenage multi millionaire with thousands of fans who want to bang you. Get over it and grow up.

536 days ago


It sure took his PR team long enough to come up with this lame excuse for bad behavior! So now its Selenas fault. He needs to learn how to take some responsiility for his actions. Part of growing up that he missed apparently, I have yet to hear him admit to any wrong doing in anything he had done - always someone else.

536 days ago


Ok, time for Bieber to act like an adult now. Stop behaving badly and then trying to pin your issues on others and making it seem like it is their fault. You are the one making the bad choices and acting upon them, grow up and accept that it is your doings. Don't make it a "breakup" issue because it is clearly not.

536 days ago


Excuses are not going to help. Use your negative energy to do the right thing. She is just one girl, there are many out there and if he doesnt wise up, when he get put in jail, he will get many bffs in there for sure.

535 days ago


what a poor excuse. no one is to blame for you being a douche but him. the fact tthat he is uses a break up as an reason he gets to lash out is as pathetic as the people that believe it. grow up justin and stop blaming all your mistake and problem on a failed relationship. you really are a poor excuse for human and you should just take your pathetic ass back to Canada where you belong

535 days ago


You want to be treated like an adult? Start by acting like one. Quit being a whiney little bitch. You ain't the first person to have a 'heartbreak'. You are just an entitled little **** head.

535 days ago

rolo sgv    

People go through this kind of stuff on the daily. But since it beaver now this is news.

535 days ago


Selena's not a lesbian so move along Bieber.

535 days ago


Sounds like typical teenage Drama.

535 days ago


Lol @ the "haters" trying to impress each other by calling Justin disgusting names. TMZ is filled with a bunch old creepers who stalk Justin for aliving. Justin will always be every where because everyone always has something to say about him whether it is bad or good. No one has a legit reason to dislike Justin they just hear BS about him and convenience them selfs that he is a bad guy.

535 days ago
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