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Justin Bieber

Acting Out Because of

Heartbreak Over Selena

4/3/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
has been spinning out of control not because he's trying to "act like an adult," not because his friends are a bad influence ... but because he's suffering his first case of heartbreak -- courtesy of Selena Gomez -- so say people who are in regular contact with the singer.

Our sources tell us ... Justin was "torn apart" when Selena pulled the plug on their relationship in December, when she walked out on him in the middle of their Mexico vacation.

We're told Justin feels "tortured," because Selena has not made a clean break -- far from it.  We're told she is regularly calling him and sending him mixed messages, and it's been messing with his head.

That could explain why Justin went to Selena's L.A. home last week, but hasn't been seen there since.

Our sources say ... the pot smoking in Newport Beach, the reckless driving and the fighting has all occurred after the split, and they say it's very clear that Bieber is holding a lot of anger that he's releasing ... often inappropriately.



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Handlers, managers and the like just love an out of control celeb.. more money for them, more opportunity to 'be needed'.. Justin is just a little punk with fame and money who has now crossed over to douche status.

568 days ago

William Paris    

this story is fake. Publicist is trying to make JB more sympathetic. Playing the "broken heart" card....

568 days ago


It would be wonderful if for once he could take responsibility for his actions. Its always someone else's fault. His team makes him look like he's incapable of making his own choices which is the biggest insult of them all. JUSTIN if you wanna be a grown 19 year old, then be grown! Own up to your **** and stop pawning it off on someone else!

568 days ago


Too bad your "sources" didn't let you know about his April fools prank prior to it happening hahahaha! Looks good on you TMZ. Well played Bieber!

568 days ago


Shifting the blame. They mean to tell us a 19 year old is not responsible for his actions. Rather it is his ex-girlfriend's fault that he is now driving recklessly, attacking people, smoking illegal substances, abusing the consumption of legal substances, passing on at concerts, and dressing like michael jackson on lsd?
Hey girls, you want him to be your boyfriend now? You have to take total responsibility for all of his actions. He does drugs? It is your fault. He causes a car accident? Your fault. He kills a woman? Your fault!

568 days ago


Hey, nobody gives a ****.

568 days ago


So what was this douchebags excuse when he was acting out while going out with Selena?

568 days ago


Typical sleazy celebrity answer. It's always somebody else's fault. It's time these *******s take responsibility for their own actions.

568 days ago


So he became a douchebag because he got dumped by a woman? I don't think so. Suck it up, buttercup. It's not the first time and won't be the last. You're a douchebag because you have freeloading douchebags camped out in your house. Cut back on the 'hood life and wake the f*%k up or your 15 minutes are over.

568 days ago


Biebs is a joke. Nothing more. Arrogant brat.

568 days ago


Justin was not at Selena's house for any reason but to pick up his dog! he doesn't send messages to her at all! Listen TMZ this is a load of crap now go and haters? you care about him enough to read something about him? JUST STICK TO YOUR MUSIC!

568 days ago



568 days ago


Poor baby... grow up, be a man and take responsibility for your actions.

568 days ago


Oh, poor poor Justin. Yah right, heart broke my ass. Wasn't he the one who wanted an "open" relationship just a months ago? This is just a stupid excuss to be a doosh

568 days ago



568 days ago
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