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Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom Is NOT

a Charity Scam Artist!!

4/3/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Khloe Kardashian is finally coming to her husband's defense -- claiming Lamar Odom is not the shady charity scammer he was made out to be in an ESPN report.

Mrs. Odom lashed out in a statement posted on her website ... saying, "It is unfortunate that my husband has been the target of an attack on athletes’ charities, although he has personally contributed approximately $2.2 million to his foundation, Cathy’s Kids, to fulfill its charitable purposes that include helping underprivileged inner-city youth."

Khloe is clearly going after an "Outside the Lines" report that said there was NO evidence that any of the $2.2 million raised by the charity went towards cancer research, as the mission statement for the charity said it would. Instead, the report says a majority of the cash went towards two "elite" youth basketball teams.

During the "OTL" report, Lamar bizarrely explained, "It's my money" ... and now Khloe is trying to clear up Odom's comment ... saying her husband personally contributed "more than 90% of the money raised by the foundation."

She adds, "All of the funds donated by Lamar and the other contributions to Cathy’s Kids were used for one of the foundation’s intended charitable purposes. Not one penny went to help Lamar personally or any member of his family. No charitable funds were misused, and the IRS has repeatedly given Cathy’s Kids a clean bill of health, confirming that there were no improprieties."

"Cathy’s Kids was formed with several purposes in mind, including benefitting underprivileged youth and cancer research. A decision was ultimately made that the charity should focus on one of those purposes -- to help enrich the lives of underprivileged inner-city youth."

"It accomplished that goal. Cathy’s Kids helped fund multiple AAU basketball teams providing underprivileged youth with opportunities enriching their lives, providing financial support for coaching and travel to tournaments, helping inner-city youth on a path toward success and leading many participants to go on to college.”

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No Avatar


What complete and utter BS. The Skankdashians are not only trash.. but they are thieves. Any one who gets near them gets sucked down into the sewer. What's the latest story on Pimp Kris selling clothes in ebay and the proceeds to to a ministry? Rumors are she is the minister? any tax ramifications? just askin'.... Like any other celebrity this will go uninvestigated.

571 days ago

Mr Rod    

You can tell he is a crook, just by looking at him. When they put him in jail, they will wet his lips and stick him to the wall!

571 days ago


TMZ: drop #4

571 days ago


family full of hairy cons.....now he's in on it too....disgusting....yeah, i always give to charities and then tell them i want it back so i can spend it where i want to...hahahahah...what a joke....he's is one of them now.....sad:(

571 days ago


Shut up Troll, The money is for cancer research not basketball trips and coachs payroll. and beside
your not even a Kardashian so shut your face.I'm sure his Mama is very proud of this..

571 days ago


Dont get Khloe mad! Hulk Smash!

571 days ago


The fraud and tax evasion could take this family down.

571 days ago


Khloe Kardashian wants us to believe her instead of ESPN. Lets see if she can "explain" collecting money from people by advertising about cancer and giving nothing. The IRS will not be intimated by her so called "fame" and "excuses".

571 days ago


Ha! Look how TMZ is trying to separate their belove Kowtrashican drag queen from the scam. Both of them share equal responsibility and they both are caught red handed.

571 days ago


Sounds like ESPN has made a very strong case against Lamar, that he hasn't gave a dime to any Cancer victim yet?

Now that it is front page news, Khlohe-Baca will make sure they receive something now.

571 days ago


Everything connected to the kartrashians is a scam.

571 days ago


Ever notice Kim always seems to be "hiding" when this kind of stuff surfaces? I thought this family was so "concerned" about their "brand".

571 days ago


Go on the Daily Mail and either their PR team, their stupid, dumb fans or them themselves have been posting saying she would never do anything like that. I totally believe this vile, sick family would do this. This is not the first time they have been accused of fraud and it certainly wont be the last. When are these stupid people that follow and love them so much going to wake up and realise that the Kartrashian family are laughing all the way to the bank and care about nothing but themselves?

571 days ago


it was probably Kris and Khloe doing all the frauding or talked Lamar into it because these are the most money hungry people i ever seen in my life

571 days ago


really Khloe? THIS is the best you can do? Just point fingers at others instead of being responsible? Not a surprise considering your entire life if a scam and a lie.

571 days ago
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