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Kim Kardashian

Excused From First Day

Of Divorce Trial

4/3/2013 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is not going to attend the first day of her divorce trial ... but it turns out she's not needed.

Kim has a commitment for an appearance in New York City for her perfume line on May 6, the opening day of her courtroom face-off with Kris Humphries

Kim's lawyer filed legal docs asking the judge to move the trial up to May 3 so she could attend, but the judge wouldn't allow it because of a schedule conflict. 

But sources say the solution is simple.  Kris has the burden of proving fraud in his annulment request, so he's first up in calling witnesses, and Kim won't have to take the stand until day 2 or 3.

Bottom line -- she doesn't have to see Kris' face as much as she feared.

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No Avatar

my 2 cents    

KK didn't realize until now, that she had a promotional event on May 6th? May 6th has seen set in concrete for a few weeks now. She also needs to realize that she cannot claim "undue stress" when she is still flying and obviously planned to continue to fly despite being about 7 months pregnant.

545 days ago

Trooper Tom    

So will the perfume be named Eau de Pineapple Vagina? She knows all about smelling vaginas

545 days ago


oh like that perfume is going to sell the smell of crap look at their sears line of clothing they never sell they are on sale all the time and people dont buy them they have the balls to write their name on their clothing like I want that trash name on my shirt go away losers

545 days ago


what does this perfume smell like kims skanky big ass

545 days ago


Thought this divorce meant a lot to her... guess not since she is trying to change the date. Ugh, what a gross human.

545 days ago


So, why is his career more important than hers? No necessarily a fan, but, really, they're both divas! She's making money off her perfume just as much as he is off of whatever it is he does now.

545 days ago


Stank by Skank.

545 days ago


Team KRIS H. Kim has never had any product on the market that wasn't either copied or just plain sucked. A perfume launch? Please.....It totally is time for her to come down off her high horse.......wait, that won't ever happen so there's no sense in hoping for it. She has a raging sense of entitlement that the rest of humankind doesn't have.......give something to people who deserve it Kim, don't just be a taker....you have NO charity in your heart.

545 days ago

way i see it    

And people wonder why half the world dislikes the US? Can't we just sell her to the french? North Korea?

545 days ago

Joe t. Pico    

**** Covina PD

545 days ago


I am so sick of hearing about this sh**. First of all I am not on anybody's side, but for this dude to say that he didn't know what he was getting into is bull. There is a camera everywhere Kim goes. Her business is on full blast. He knew what time it was. Now he just needs to go on about his business so we can stop hearing about this crap.

545 days ago

my 2 cents    

TMZ - your competition have the court docs posted on their website. The docs also say that KK's lawyer did not know of the promotional event until just recently. Hmmm,

545 days ago


That judge should do Lindsay's case

545 days ago


So what's next. Kimmy holding on until the right time to pull a miscarriage. Please respect our privacy crap. It was Humphries fault. I was so stressed.

545 days ago


Time to cue another " pregancy scare" or perhaps the fake pregnancy ends in miscarriage from the stress of not getting her way in an attempt to garner sympathy. Where is Kanye? Did she eat him?

545 days ago
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