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Kobe Bryant

Magic's Support of Gay Son


4/3/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant is awestruck by a former Lakers star who rivals him -- Magic Johnson ... telling TMZ Magic's support of his gay son is a lesson everyone, including pro athletes, should learn.

TMZ broke the story ... Magic and Cookie are 100% behind their son, EJ, who is openly gay.  Kobe tells us ... "Of course Magic is supportive of and loves his son.  Why should anyone be surprised?"

Kobe says, "What I can't tolerate is a lack of tolerance." 

The strong implication -- tolerance is not just limited to parents and their kids, but to pro athletes whose teammates may soon come out of the closet.

In case you aren't reading between the lines -- given Kobe's stature, his statement could have a huge impact on athletes coming out.


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en Todo Momento!!    

i mean come on. the whole 'upcoming lifetime drama® of 'athletes coming out of the closet'. like why the fk would you wait and sneak your way all the way up, like a freakin hypocrite, and then 'come out' suddenly, when you are in everyone's face? why would you have decades of hidden sexuality and make your career based on having hidden this for decades, only to now be 'rewarded' by the public for you to so bravely 'come out'? isn't that just a little bit shady? maybe because you 'wouldn't have made it' if you were openly gay? what does this say about gays so badly wanting to be incorporated in staunchly 'unhomosexual areas'?? really, gays and their uber entitlements are really getting on my last nerve. they are like the gods and kings of our society, and everyone needs to bow down to them, while everyone else has to scramble and hussle to get by, gays deserve it all shoved up their golden anus or something? crazy. gays need to go fkn get real, go get some therapy with dr phil or something. you deserve a fkn reward for 'coming out'??? yer fkn kidding me, right???!

570 days ago


Why is TMZ assuming there are all these closeted gays in sports? What if there aren't...?

570 days ago


Lol. I support the gay community. That said, I don't look to Kobe as an authority on responsibility, morality, or tolerance. I get that athletes, Kobe included, have used slurs. I get Lakers solidarity. As an adulterer, and possible rapist, I'm going to have to ask Kobe to shut up.

570 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

you want to be gay? be fkn gay from the day you walk through that door, not only when you got all the way to the freakn top. can't stand this shady fkn hypocrisy.

570 days ago


who cares what a rapeist has to say

570 days ago


Well, magic's son looks kinda crazy with the fur coat and the handbag, (won't even say purse), that he's carrying. So, it's easy to make a snap judgement, just based on the visual. But that has nothing to do with his parents acceptance of who he is and being proud of their son. To be fair, we know nothing about his temperament, education, personality, how he treats people and so on. I would hope that his parents are proud of their son because of who he is as a person. And the fact he is gay is only ancillary. The fact that he is openly "out" is probably the only reason that magic commented at all, because naturally were going to be curious about how his famous father felt about it.

570 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

People have a right to do whatever they choose in their personal ives as long as they do so responsibly and without being disrespectful to those who do not have the same wishes.

To be against someone solely because they are gay or straight or black or white, or whatever, in that vain is wrong.

If the motivations for conflict between people are driven by issues, that's okay. But to be inhumane towards people and intolerant simply because you don't have the same beliefs is wrong. We all have our prejudices. We all have our disbeliefs.

At least the young man is being real and not trying to hide and making a big civic stir to simply be who and what he is. That takes a lot of courage. I agree that it is good to see Magic support his kid.

Parenting has nothing to do with sexual preferences. Sexual preferences is personal to the individual.

As long as he's keeping his personal persona, what's the big deal? It's only when peel force things on other people that a problem ensues.

Sexuality is a very loaded and complicated issue. But fact is, it's really no ones business what people do on their personal time unless they raise hell and create conflict or civic unrest.

I'm a straight man but you don't have to be straight or anything else to realize that's all the really difficult and complicated part of common sense.

No one really wants to be hurtful to good people, As long as no unwanted violation takes place, who cares.

No matter what the issue is there is no way to satisfy all critics.

Just be yourself. At least peel will know what they are getting.

There is a proper time, way and place to do all things. All long as he keeps that in perspective things will okay for him.

But if he starts raising hell he's going to have some problems.

Intentional discrimination is wrong.

Where does he stand spiritually?

570 days ago


Why is this a big deal? Why should this be news? Tell me, who isn't gay today?

570 days ago


All you idiots slinging hateful comments: I think if you ran into any of these guys on the street you wouldn't say a damn thing. It's easy to sit behind your computer and sh!t talk. Pu$$ies.

570 days ago


I always wondered what happened to Kim Kardashian's old clothes.

Now I know...

570 days ago

Dom The Mover    

Why the huge Circus, Am I missing something here, why is it a huge production thats someone is Gay?
But Then Again Its Hollyweird, where the freakozoids mingle & tingle! Thanks TMZ your johnny on the spot of news worthy articles are getting so lame

570 days ago

The Planet Earth    

Magic is a businessman, of course he's going to say the super safe PC thing that everyone wants him to say. He's not going to risk a boycott of his business and losing his cushy TV gig job by saying what he really thinks. Anyone who thinks that he's honestly "proud" that the third in line of the Earvin Johnson name is a fat, flaming, diva who wears furs and carries a purse is delusional.

570 days ago


in typical TMZ fashion, we are gonna be slammed to death about this kid, im sure he will have his own tv show.

570 days ago


Whatever Kobe...coming from someone who raped and paid-off mentally disabled hotel clerk...

570 days ago


This guy probably talks with a fake lisp like so many other gays. You know if you want to be gay, be gay, but don't flaunt it by wearing sailor hats and furry jackets and fitting every stereotype out there. You don't need to shove it in everyone's face. This is why people are sick of the gay movement.

570 days ago
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