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Lamar Odom

AAU Basketball DENIES

Receiving ANY Charity Donations

4/3/2013 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom's charity, Cathy's Kids, never donated a single dollar to the AAU basketball program ... despite L.O.'s claims ... at least that's what the president of the Amateur Athletic Union tells TMZ.

We spoke to Henry Forrest ... who tells us, "Cathy’s Kids has never donated to us. They have never, ever contributed to us. On Sunday morning it was mentioned that Cathy’s Kids has contributed to AAU Basketball teams ... that is an incorrect statement."

Forrest is responding to the "Outside the Lines" report, in which ESPN showed documents seemingly proving $1.3 million of the $2.2 raised by the charity was donated to "AAU team sponsorship."

When asked about the specific programs Cathy's Kids helps to support, Odom told the reporter, "A lot through AAU basketball in my neighborhood where I come from in South Jamaica, Queens."

But Forrest tells TMZ it's simply not true -- though he does say it's possible Odom used the money to finance an independent local team that was allowed to participate in AAU events.

“It is possible that Cathy’s Kids sponsored [an independent] team that registered to play in an AAU event. But teams like this only register to play in our events, they are not affiliated with AAU."

Forrest explains, "AAU doesn’t have anything to do with local organizations that put together independent teams.  We don’t manage those teams or deal with those local teams put together. They only register to play."

11:15 AM PT -- A source close to Lamar has confirmed what the AAU president suspected, telling us, “Lamar had teams he funded for their expenses for AAU sanctioned events. Money did not go directly to the AAU, it went directly to the teams for their expenses.”

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hahahahahahh...house of cards....and truly ugly human beings.......oh, and hairy.....not ONE good one in the entire family.....shame :(, only a matter of time till they pimp out their babies for the dollar......

570 days ago


TMZ is just angry that Lamar nor Khloe spoke directly to them so they write false misleading stories hoping they will comment. The money went to AAU teams. IRS money trails go straight there. IRS has auditted them for 5 straight years and have given them the clean bill. No fraud was found!

570 days ago


Someone's gotta a lot of explaining to do! It obviously was started for cancer and innercity, but I believe Lamar left it to other people to manage and distibute. He really needs to get his hands dirty and get more involved.

570 days ago


he is SCREWWWWWED!!!!!

570 days ago


@ Jordan- read his charity purpose again.. he wanted to give back to TWO causes that are near & dear to him, underprivelaged kids & cancer research.. he has SO FAR been able to contribute significantly to one of them. Ya'll are just fiesty b/c his first payout was to a bunch of black kids w/ hoop dreams.

@ pavlov- $2mil doesn't go far in cancer research, find me a cancer research team who can find the cure to cancer for $2mil, then we'll talk.. if that were possible it would have been done with the other BILLIONS of research $'s that multiple orgs have used up so far.

570 days ago


EVERYBODY SING: "Gypsies, tramps and thieves."

570 days ago


@ Jordan, easy the Charity was set up for TWO reasons, to help underprivelaged kids & for cancer research, unless OTL has some sort of proof that it's do***ented tha X amount must go here & X amount must go there, then this is a non-issue... w/ the limited donations, 90% of which were directly from LO's bank account... he was able to fulfill one of the two goals SO FAR, but he did IN FACT give to others... ya'll are just fiesty b/c his first payout was to a bunch of black kids w/ hoop dreams.

570 days ago


Name the Independent teams you donated to Lamar and kloe? Or call your CFO he would know. I find it hard in this day and time that everyone especially in the SOCIAL STATE OF CALIF. is NOT watching every dime and it's hard not to look out for your finances or know how your money is being spent. I find their statements to be a cover up. BUSTED. But what is the problem here? CHARITIES ARE LOOP HOLE EVERYONE USES TO HIDE THEIR CHUMP CHANGE. He either did or didn't and kathy's kids are denying so what up? And if 90% was his money then it will be taxed one way or another. I'm sure the IRS is running all kinds of numbers on the both.

570 days ago


Come on, did you think he was any different than all the others? He is a greedy, cheap POS.

570 days ago


dude is on the Wyclif Jean concept of donation split...

570 days ago


either Khloe is about to divorce him and the family pimp is setting up the reason or Kris is upset that the world thinks her human escriment of a daughter (you know, the dumpy fat one) is getting too much negative publicity about her gay "baby daddy" and fake pregnancy...Kourtney's already going through her BS so Kris didn't use her this time

570 days ago

Bring Back Twinkies    

Obviously someone who works for Lamar got greedy and stole from the charity. Lamar would never do this. Why would he? He already has millions! Why would he risk his career, risk going to jail, risk public humiliation, and risk problems with his children and wife?
I hate to admit it, but I watched a Khloe and Lamar episode about Lamar's clothing company-he let his childhood friend run the company. The friend's lazy butt almost ran the company into the ground! I think Lamar has a big heart and is too kind and too trusting.

570 days ago


Yeah, but $1.3MM??? For youth basketball teams? That's a whole lot of expenses don't you think?

570 days ago


Essentially...they don't donate. If they did, they would have cut a check to the charity listed in their mission statement. Instead, the Krooks wanted full control to do what they wanted ( 'cause they don't trust anyone because they cannot trust themselves) ....most of it probably went to private air planes going back and forth to new york....'cause i doubt very highly any inner city kid was put on payroll.

570 days ago


Why is TMZ, protecting KIM KARDASHIAN?? Where are the pictures & the stories about KIM'S desperate foray to Paris, France, as she is hotly pursuing her errant,former lover, Kanye?? Every other site is reporting on it. (Must be "Mikey", so lame.) Get with it TMZ!!

570 days ago
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