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Pregnant Man

Divorce Judge is WRONG

I'm a Real Man!

4/4/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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"Pregnant Man" Thomas Beatie is PISSED after a judge refused to grant him a divorce from his estranged wife -- and tells TMZ he's willing to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

Beatie, a transgender male, is appealing a decision handed down Friday ... when a judge in AZ denied his divorce from Nancy Beatie -- on the grounds the marriage was NEVER legal since Beatie couldn't prove he was a man during their nuptials ... and the state doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.

Beatie tells TMZ he's not giving up the fight, his attorneys are already drafting up the appeal -- and he'll go the Supreme Court if that's what it takes.

He explains, "This is personal. This ruling is an attack on my person, my identity, and my family. It's sad and embarrassing that Judge Gerlach is more focused on wanting to delegitimize my children than legitimize my family."

Beatie continues, "The judge is obviously uncomfortable with me. He has a problem with me having a legal male identity and using my internal organs to start a family."

You'll recall ... the judge made it clear from the beginning​, he had issues with the validity of Beatie's marriage based on the fact that while married he bore the couple's 3 children ... something no man could do. 

But Beatie is adamant, the issue is MUCH bigger than his divorce ... "This is not Beatie versus Beatie. This is the State of AZ versus transgender people, human reproductive rights, and fairness under the law."

FYI -- Beatie was born a woman, but began a sex change in 1997. He married Nancy in 2003 in Hawaii. He filed for divorce in April 2012, claiming Nancy was abusive. Allegations she denied.


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Pregnant Man
Divorce Judge is WRONG
I'm a Real Man!........................NOT YOU are Wrong, You are just a Woman with NO Breasts, The same way Fallon Fox is a Man, Fallon Fox is a Man with a Huge Prostate and NO Penis...

565 days ago


If you are having kids you are a woman!

Looks like your little 'publicity stunt' in calling yourself a pregnant man for tabloid cash is blowing up in your face
If you truly believe your are transgender and want all
Those benefits as well.

You are a Butch woman and nothing else!!!

565 days ago


This woman has some real mental issues. She leaves one woman for another. It just shows women can't get along with each other

565 days ago


Oh and we need more news

565 days ago


His poor kids.

565 days ago


Her poor kids.

565 days ago


Its poor kids.

565 days ago


I'm confused.

565 days ago


Gee, a judge with common sense, who would have thought it in this day and age. her eggs and pregnancies resulted in the birth of three babies. She is the MOTHER. Just because someone refers to the self as a zebra doesn't make them one. hey need the stripes. In this case she used her ovaries to produce three babies, She chose to act like a woman/mother.

565 days ago


man i cant even comment this is too funny with too many holes to poke in this adicktome

565 days ago


She could not have married her wife, as a man, because she was still a woman.. so how can she get a divorce never having been legally married in AZ ?

565 days ago


The judge is completely right!!! I even hate the term "pregnant man"

565 days ago


What's actually embarassing for this tool isn't the judges ruling but this idiot running around calling himself the Pregnant Man. If you bear children, you aren't a man. FACT! The judges ruling is correct and this idiot needs to take a seat.

565 days ago

Jimmy Stink Finger

565 days ago


This guy, girl, whatever makes me want to hurl.

565 days ago
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