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Magic Johnson Talks About

His Son & Athletes Coming Out

4/4/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Magic Johnson opened up to us about his son Earvin Johnson III coming out, and also ... about athletes coming out in the future. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban joined us with his take on Magic's feelings about gays in pro sports.

And, Kim Kardashian gets excused from the first day of her divorce trial -- and we're thinking she just told Kris Humphries ... IN YOUR FACE! We'll explain.

Plus, Tom Cruise offering refunds??? Well, the movie studio behind a Cruise blockbuster just gave a disappointed customer his money back. So, is this the wave of the future for moviegoers?

(0:00) Magic Johnson is the man -- explaining to us how he's the one who approached his son about being gay ... and would do anything to protect any athlete that came out of the closet. Also, Mark Cuban calls in to express his support for gays in professional sports.
(10:00) Kim Kardashian isn't going to show up for the first day of her nasty divorce trial with Kris Humphries.
(14:00) The celebrity hackers are amping up their game ... and are now responsible for the recent surge of swatting incidents.
(18:00) Kevin Ware's gruesome leg break is either being exploited by Adidas' new line of t-shirts ... or it's good old fashioned capitalism depending on who you ask in the newsroom.
(23:00) Lindsay Lohan's pal was busted for allegedly trying to take a ton of drugs on an airplane ... the company you keep.
(27:00) A major "Game of Thrones" star says she only has $5 in her bank account ... how is this possible?
(31:00) Chris Bosh was robbed ... and the people behind it left his NBA championship ring alone for a reason.
(33:00) A man got a refund from Tom Cruise's movie "Jack Reacher" because the trailer showed an explosion that didn't happen in the movie ... and he was pissed.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for ... Tim's rejected pitches!

No Avatar


Ok, the groundwork is there magic, go ahead and confirm what everyone else is thinking.

534 days ago


Are you or aren't you? You couldn't tell?!

534 days ago


Oh, please, because Magic Johnson supports his son it's going to "magically" change everyone's beliefs about homosexuality. Enough of this already Harvey.

534 days ago


Do you think the kid gets more AIDS jokes than normal gays because of his dad?

534 days ago


Magic's statement isn't going to change a lot of people because he had to do it because his son became publicly out. If he said it without a personal motive than maybe it might help.

534 days ago


Dear God, Harvey, get off that woman's tits already. There is nothing IRONIC about scheduling an appearance on the first day of her trial.

534 days ago


Please leave the sound on during 'live' version so we can see the whole production warts and all. Thanks guys

534 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

And that Game of Thrones female has a longer movie resume than Jack Nicholson. Not really, but it's long so she's living beyond her means like many people today. Next she'll be whining about healthcare. Live within your means and you'll have more than $5 in your account. A**hat.

534 days ago


I think the hackers are just saying that for more attention because they are strangely getting little attention for what they did.

534 days ago


I want to know why TMZ didn't post up the story about Kimmykakes flying off to Paris to see Kanye and coming back the next day. Oh, that's right, you can only have a few bad reviews of KimmyKakes so the lawyer doesn't OUT you for being on their payroll. You guys just better hope when all this is said and done and you are found out that Kris H doesn't sick his lawyer after you and sue you for defamation, slander and harrassment.

534 days ago


You dogged out Kris when he missed the day Kim depo'd but it's ok for her to blow off court? Bias much Harvey?

534 days ago


Skyper...get a job!

534 days ago


ROFLMAO, it's a "POWERPLAY", um no, that's when the opposing Hockey team has five men on the ice and your team has four. What your beloved kimmykakes has done is take a page out of the Smeggy handbook and thumb her nose at the trial thinking she's got it in the bag.

534 days ago


The Hackers could try and claim they are doing the swatting but how do you explain the 12 yr old? Nice try.

534 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

I'm sure the FBI keep Mike in the loop. :p

534 days ago
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