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Casey Anthony

You're Not Big Brother

My Life Story is MINE!

4/5/2013 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Casey Anthony has just lodged a strong legal objection to her bankruptcy trustee's proposal to sell the rights to her life story to the highest bidder ... even though she hasn't put it on the market.

The trustee already got a $10k offer from someone who wanted to buy it and then shelve the project so it could never be published. Anthony's lawyer says in new legal docs it's an outrageous proposition ... taking someone's thoughts and memories that are solely within their mind.

Anthony's lawyer calls the proposal a "terrifying Orwellian prospect."

If the trustee wins -- which frankly he shouldn't -- Anthony would be precluded from ever selling any part of her story.

Anthony says the trustee is going so far -- she couldn't counsel "other victims of child abuse" if the groups tried to pay anything -- including plane fare or hotel.


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And there is good old TMZ, defending their favorite baby killer as usual!

530 days ago


A ~*special*~ place n Hell has been reserved for this "waste of space" individual!!

530 days ago


disgusting as bia.. karma karma

530 days ago


Counseling victims of child abuse???? Are you freakin' kidding me? Poor little Kaley didn't get a chance to discuss the ultimate abuse that led to her death. Get the frack out, biotch!

530 days ago


The photo accompanying this story shows you the pure evil in this biotch. Makes me want to bash her face in!!!!!!!!!!

530 days ago


justice will come to her someday...

530 days ago


Karma is a bitch & one day it will come to get this ****ing bitch!

530 days ago


She's mad because she thinks since she got away with murdering baby Caylee she should get away with anything else she wants to do. She's got money hiding somewhere like her parents. They just want to keep on cashing in on Caylee for the rest of their lives. Disgusting.

530 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

You can not steal intellectual property nor anyones likeness for personal profit nor gain in some personal portrayal without their expressed permission.

People are not at liberty to play ghost writer for anyone in that way. Any portrayal that is in false light or defamatory by libel or slander can be handled very well by a court it causes damages or steals or deprives resources from the owner.

Sue his ass if he violates you. There are numerous other charges too that could be filed on a case like that.

That's a person who is exploiting a persons vulnerability and what is allegedly a friendship.

Okay, lets talk thoughts and memories. If a party, particularly a media outlet or some one person trying to obtain monetary gain tries to take something that the sender or owner provided that is protected by the Digital Millineum Copyright Act if it is digitally transmitted. Meaning it is still ownership and property of the sender.

That means e-mails text messages and other electronic transmission.

The media outlet or the citizen source can only reference it as someone else's property, not their own.

If they portray that information in a way that is false and causes damage to a person whether economic , reputation etc and other things that impact public perception, that can be pursued.

You have to ask questions when people take what was meant to be random, small talk etc or standard communication and sell it for personal gain.

That means that person has to have a motivation to collect data for the purpose of using it for some gain or assault or public outing.

Why would anyone be collecting data for that purpose? Especially if they claim they are a friend. they will use you text messages calls etc as a validation that could be used to substantiate a lie.

Most people have a double motivation for the things they do.

Thats absolute exploitation and negligence when it portrays someone in a false light.

If they have not asked questions of the owner about what their intent was and take their own liberty to craft their own interpretation. They are then violating that owner.

People have a right to express their opinions and interpretations but they don't have a right to claim what they craft by their own design is factual.

If they spread something that was meant to be personal dialogue and use it to try to damage someone beyond the scope of what was intended, that's negligence.

What you are dealing with is betrayal of trust.

They want you to get upset and lash out and use that as some possibility that you have an alter ego. So to induce that they will betray you and make you mad and make up a story. Just to get the rumor started.

You've already been through all that.

Sometimes frivolous claims end up being good promotion.

Hell no, take him to court.

Remember, some people really area against you, but not every one is, most people aren't.

Take control of your life. Everyone goes through ups and downs and struggle. Fight them back.

Bottom line. They tried to steal your life. Some people sell peels lives an then take another kickback on the flip side of the deal.

That's your story.

Own your story don't let your story own you. Be Good. And don't give up on faith.

530 days ago


She wants to counsel victims of child abuse? WHAT!? Would that be on how to abuse (kill) your child and get away with it?

530 days ago


and your soul is SATAN'S...............

530 days ago



530 days ago


What she need is my penile inplant I will hit that two way from sunday and i dont want to here lol her people say she innocent

530 days ago


Casey Anthony SHOULDN'T have the right to sell her story. Why should she be able to ever profit from the evil she has done? That isn't justice. I hope the buyer gets the rights to her story and shelves it!

530 days ago


casey counselling victims of child abuse........LMFAO ok who's drinking the casey koolaid now

530 days ago
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