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Casey Anthony

You're Not Big Brother

My Life Story is MINE!

4/5/2013 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Casey Anthony has just lodged a strong legal objection to her bankruptcy trustee's proposal to sell the rights to her life story to the highest bidder ... even though she hasn't put it on the market.

The trustee already got a $10k offer from someone who wanted to buy it and then shelve the project so it could never be published. Anthony's lawyer says in new legal docs it's an outrageous proposition ... taking someone's thoughts and memories that are solely within their mind.

Anthony's lawyer calls the proposal a "terrifying Orwellian prospect."

If the trustee wins -- which frankly he shouldn't -- Anthony would be precluded from ever selling any part of her story.

Anthony says the trustee is going so far -- she couldn't counsel "other victims of child abuse" if the groups tried to pay anything -- including plane fare or hotel.


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We all know the real question is....How long will it be before someone attacks her?

545 days ago


I hope someone kills this biatch sooner than later.

545 days ago


not as terrifying as yr own mother duct taping yr face and throwing you in laundry bags and trash bags and dumping you in the woods to rot..and this ska nk is no ''victim of child abuse''..shes a proven liar,thief and slut...boycott anything she tries to do..until the day shes no longer breathing on planet earth.

545 days ago


Which story is she gonna sell? .... the one in court was pretty convincing!

545 days ago


This nasty bitch should have to make her way through a hopefully short life without earning one dime off of murdering her poor child! FU Casey Rot in hell

545 days ago


Did she actually say something about counseling others victims on child abuse ? I guess murdering your child isn't considered "abuse."

545 days ago

What I Think    

Keep your life story. I'd rather read the story of your death.

545 days ago


this lowlife should be hiding in a hole somewhere she should be ashamed but its all about her what bout poor caylee this moron should rot in hell

545 days ago


It is amazing how many stupid people do not understand what (not quilty means).casey has the right to live her life any way she wants too.
Casey is a Hot young woman with great Boobs.Iwould have no problem taking her out and spending time with her.In fact I would enjot it.

545 days ago

Loves you    

Stop giving this woman publicity! There is a special place in hell for her and it is too bad she isn't spending her time in prison before going to the fiery pits!

545 days ago


You prove to the world that humans can do terrible things to other innocent humans without conscience. You are the epitome of evil. And if there is a hell, I hope you get what you deserve. May the devil make an example of you.

545 days ago


I thought I'd heard the last of the murderess with the mostest. She has a lot to answer for.

545 days ago

tarheel gramma    

I hardly ever click on links/acknowledge ANY headline involving this..waste of space wart on the ass of the human race.IF she publishes her "story"&it's not shelved, burned, every penny of profits from idiots eager to read more blatant LIES from this baby murdering DEMON should go directly to charities for abused&missing children. As for HER wanting to "counsel other abused children", what's she going to say to help"If your self absorbed ho mom cant get a sitter & comes toward you with duct tape & trash bags, RUN RUN RUN

545 days ago


Casey should not be able to claim Bankruptcy, have all her debt forgiven and then turn around and write a book or sell her story for millions. They need to find a way to attach potential earnings for at least the next 10 years. After that ...let her sell her story. This was all plotted by her that old guy Chaney who appears to have a thing for Casey.

545 days ago


This bitch is a known pathological liar, any so called "life story" this hoebag can produce will be as fictitious as any Steven Spielberg film. If I wanna read some bitch moan over her fake ass choices, I'd rather wait for Rihannas next ass beating, at least her self provoked drama didn't involve a innocent baby. Jus sayin...

545 days ago
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