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Debbie Rowe, Paris Jackson


4/5/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson has secretly reestablished ties with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to both Debbie and Paris tell TMZ ... Michael Jackson's 15-year-old daughter spent a good part of her birthday Wednesday with Debbie, who was married to MJ and gave birth to Paris and Prince. We're told, "The two just hung out. They've gotten really tight."

As TMZ previously reported, Debbie signed her full parental rights away to Michael in 2001 ... when Paris was 3. 

After Michael and Debbie divorced she had virtually no contact with Paris.

Our sources say ... Paris and Debbie have gotten together a number of times recently. They've really established a relationship.

And, we're told, Debbie has gone out of her way to keep the meetings on the down-low because she doesn't want to create an appearance that she's exploiting their relationship. One source says Debbie could have made a lot of money off the meetings, but wouldn't even consider it.



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girl is uglier then sin, she looks like a trannie

565 days ago


No Live Cameras in Court for Michael Jackson-AEG Trial

See bio, contact info, and more articles from KTLA 5 Web Staff
4 hours ago
by KTLA 5 Web Staff

•Jackson vs. AEG Live Trial
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michael-jacksonLOS ANGELES — A Superior Court judge ruled Friday that there will be no live television coverage of the wrongful death suit that Michael Jackson’s mother and children filed against Anschutz Entertainment Group, the entertainment giant that was promoting Jackson’s ill-fated comeback tour.

CNN and NBCUniversal Television Group had filed a motion asking that they be allowed to televise the trial, which is being held in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom.

In her ruling, Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos wrote that while the media has the right to cover public court hearings, it is up to the judge to decide whether to allow TV coverage.

Brian Panish, the attorney for Katherine Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II, declined comment.

But Panish had supported television coverage in an April 2 court filing in which he criticized AEG’s attorney for “making numerous unrelated and disparaging remarks about Michael Jackson” in a CNN interview.

AEG’s attorney, Marvin Putnam, could not be reached for comment.

Jury selection in the case began Tuesday, with potential jurors being asked if they could take off the four months the trial is expected to last. Questioning of potential jurors who pass that first test is scheduled to start April 15.

The suit alleges that AEG negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray, who — in an attempt to help the singer sleep — gave him a fatal dose of the surgical anesthetic propofol. They suit says that AEG pushed Jackson to prepare for a tour that he was not physically capable of handling.

AEG says it was Jackson’s decision to hire Murray, and that the company had recommended a British physician.

Jackson died in 2009, two weeks before his “This Is It” tour was scheduled to debut in London.

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.

– Jeff Gottlieb, LA Times

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565 days ago

Christine Brown    

Its about time Paris spends time with her Mother. She needs one relative who is the same race as she is!

565 days ago


Did she also get in touch of her real father too ???

565 days ago


People are upset that Paris broke her "best daddy's agreement to stay away from Debbie. Is that bad to her happy life? Her darling daddy had an agreement to buy Propofol and inject it like it was Kool-Aid. I guess that was ok too. Keep drinking the MJ Kool-Aid, child abuse advocates. Debbie is taking photos with Paris, but daddy MJ manipulated her to take their "family photos" and paid her to go away, remember?

565 days ago


If Jacko had survived the Propofol use, he would pay little boys to get his autographs and after each coma night, he'd parade his children onstage like he loved them so much. Of course, he knew what Propofol's danger was.
He was no intellectual and moral authority, so keep hating Debbie, stupid hypocritical MJ fanatics.

The MJ fangirls are bitter because their fat behinds are not paid by MJ to be the wombs and Debbie's not mentally ill & dead by self-destruction. She & Paris aren't manipulated by MJ anymore. They're not scared anymore. They share wealth & a second chance to come back together & mend the damage that the greedy arrogant Jacksons created.

565 days ago

What I Think    

In the birthday photo, notice each of the children's cheeks. MJ obviously put makeup on each child to match what he was wearing. Will his sickness ever end?

565 days ago


They should post "WHO'd you rather"?

565 days ago


shame on you ppl making these sick comments about a kid! she's a teenager, so I am sure she gets on here like any other teen in the world does. you guys a plain mean & half of u are sickos. and she's old enough good for her for wanting a relationship with her birth mom, it's her choice & not for us to judge.

564 days ago


Michael Jackson’s Daughter Has Asked to Live with Her Biological Mother


Exclusive: now I will tell you how that story about Paris Jackson spending time with Debbie Rowe, her biological mother, came to be in the press. But first: I can tell you it’s true, and not only that: Paris has asked if she could spend time at Rowe’s horse ranch, according to my sources. I was actually told that Paris asked Debbie if she could live there. Rowe has spent time with Paris recently, and went to her 15th birthday party this week in Calabasas.

How did TMZ get the story they ran? Because I called a mutual acquaintance to confirm the story. And the person I called immediately called in to TMZ with my story. I hope there was some goo remuneration from TMZ. But lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

TMZ is of course wrong about many things. In 2005, Debbie Rowe’s parental rights to her children, Prince and Paris, were reaffirmed. She went to court and a judge ruled that a parent never gives up parental rights. There had been a question about that since 2001. But at that point Michael Jackson was on trial, bills were not being paid, he was behind in owed amounts to Rowe.

From the time Michael Jackson died in June 2009, Rowe was clear that she would step in with both Prince and Paris if she were needed. She and Katherine Jackson had many cordial conversations about her role in the kids’ lives. Remember: Rowe is their only biological parent. And always was.

It makes sense that Paris would reach out to her mother. Her grandmother is 82 years old. Her aunts– Michael’s sisters–want nothing to do with her. Except for LaToya, who wants to guide her career for commissions.

And Paris is a lot like Debbie Rowe: she’s forthright, she tells it like it is, she’s funny. While she may have been raised very well by Michael Jackson, Paris must certainly be curious about her beginnings and identity. Debbie Rowe could be a great influence on her daughter’s life.

So that’s the story so far. I learned a lesson, and that’s always important. And two of Michael Jackson’s kids may have a chance to be close to an existing, living parent.

564 days ago


Wow someone took the time out yo bash the Jackson's. @Mimi I think you forget Debbie ain't no ****ing saint. What good influence? How to give your child away for money? Smfh. She's no better than the Jackson's. Let's not forget if it wasn't for the Jackson's Paris and her siblings wouldn't even be rich. By that I mean if it weren't for Katherine and Joe making Michael....

564 days ago


Jacko paid off 2 women and then went to different doctors to fix his face and sleeping problem. He went to trial because he wanted to prove he was correct that Gavin Arvizo was a normal cancer victim & great boy with no bad side to him. He admitted that he wanted to go on trial, like he never knew that Jordan Chandler's father and other parents were mentally
ill. He was willing to make the taxpayers pay for his behavior repeatedly.
In 2003, the public had said Jackson'd die soon because he was obsessed with cutting up his nose and having sedatives, pain killers & other face procedures.
They were correct. The public included neutral people & fanatics.

564 days ago
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