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Jay-Z and Beyonce

Blasted for 'Ignorant and

Insulting' Cuban Vacation

4/5/2013 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405-beyonce-jay-z-apJay-Z and Beyonce are clueless about the tortures happening in Cuba, and it's insulting they chose to visit the communist country for a celebration ... so says a Cuban rights lobbyist.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, the D.C. director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC -- a group committed to fighting for democracy in Cuba -- tells TMZ the A-listers should've educated themselves about what's really going on there before taking photo ops.

Jay and Bey were photographed Thursday in Havana -- reportedly to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary -- but have since come under fire from some Cuban-American groups.

US citizens are still technically banned from traveling to the island purely for tourism ... and are supposed to obtain a travel license from the US government.

Mauricio says he's disappointed the superstars chose to vacay in Cuba because, "There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason ... people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive."

We reached out to Beyonce and Jay-Z for comment. So far ... nada back.


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The true meaning of a one way ticket

562 days ago

Mr. Headset    

Cuba or not, they're both a couple of wankers.

562 days ago


Well she did perform with a few others and was paid in the neighborhood of 150 Million dollars at a Music Festival in *****ia........however the money had been taken from a fund that was meant to alleviate poverty. In other words money from other Countries to help that Country. Anyone with common sense would know that war torn Country did not have that kind of money.

So why would anyone be surprised that they traveled there while remaining clueless of what goes on there. Perhaps they should see if they can get some of the people there to come back to the States with them. Then the fun would begin.

562 days ago

Don Davis    

No matter what country they're in, he's still a gangster thug and she's still a stripper slut. The commies can keep them and she can fake their national anthem.

562 days ago

In Depth News    

Are violent dictators the "In Thing' with certain media or hollywood millionaires ?

The leftist multi millionaire couple is visiting a country ruled by an violent 'anti-ameircan' dictator ,the Castros, and stimulating the dictator Castro economy .

The people of Cuba do not have the freedom to live life or create wealth as these to multi millionaire hypocrites ,Jay Z & Beyonce.

Hollywood hypocrite millionaires ,like Jay Z or Alec Baldwin , support anti-capitalist people or groups But made their millions in wealth because of capitalism (so capitalism is good for them but not others ?)..

562 days ago


I wonder if Castro even allows their music to be played on the radio or on TV?

562 days ago


Dumb azz *****s

562 days ago


THEY DON'T CARE! Your talking about a woman who took money to sing dictators. These people do not care. They don't live in our world.

562 days ago


Just let them live people! Who cares where they want to spend their vacation. I'm sure these two give money to charities all the time, give them a break.

562 days ago


No surprise! Birds of a Feather Flock Together! I've given up on the Entertainment industry and did so when our President joined it. He is a criminal, liar, and excellent at Dictatorship. Probably sent them to see the future communist Utopia he's planning to transform the USA into! Can't wait!

562 days ago


My father was a political prisoner in Cuba from 1978 to 1980 and was part of the 1000 prisoners released around the election of Reagan and release of the Iranian hostages. My dad endured torture and immense persecution for the charge of being a missionary. Ignorance like I am seeing from those posting on here thinking its no big deal have no clue of the monster Fidel Castro has been and what an evil person Che Guevera was to those who crossed his path. You communist sympathizers feign compassion for human rights but are ignorant that your support fro despots like Castro exacerbate human rights violations.

562 days ago


Are there black people loyal to the United States? Where?

562 days ago


What do you expect, Obama loving, DemocRAT elitist thugs.

562 days ago


Did they bring Dennis Rodman with them? You know he has extensive experience in the area of foreign diplomacy.

Maybe next Jason Biber could bring his monkey along if promises not to spank it!

562 days ago


Is int those actions still taking place here in the us. My great grandfather was forced in to hard labor to help the whites in the USA. I dont give a damn about your feelings like you font give a damn about mine in the South. All of these racist white people on here make me sick. I dont see any of you crackers say anythingabout the wrongs here. How can you say we are not loyal when we built this ****ing country!

562 days ago
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