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Jay-Z and Beyonce

Blasted for 'Ignorant and

Insulting' Cuban Vacation

4/5/2013 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405-beyonce-jay-z-apJay-Z and Beyonce are clueless about the tortures happening in Cuba, and it's insulting they chose to visit the communist country for a celebration ... so says a Cuban rights lobbyist.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, the D.C. director for the US-Cuba Democracy PAC -- a group committed to fighting for democracy in Cuba -- tells TMZ the A-listers should've educated themselves about what's really going on there before taking photo ops.

Jay and Bey were photographed Thursday in Havana -- reportedly to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary -- but have since come under fire from some Cuban-American groups.

US citizens are still technically banned from traveling to the island purely for tourism ... and are supposed to obtain a travel license from the US government.

Mauricio says he's disappointed the superstars chose to vacay in Cuba because, "There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason ... people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive."

We reached out to Beyonce and Jay-Z for comment. So far ... nada back.


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We have plenty of women getting beaten up daily in the US, too. Lots of people in jail who shouldn't be and many of our prisons are a human rights disaster. We even have political prisoners. And intimidation of dissidents, government spying and harrassment of ordinary citizens to try to neutralize people trying to change things. If you want to struggle for freedom and democracy, you can do that right here because we don't have a very secure hold on either. If you believe otherwise, it's because you've never tried to go up against the status quo about anything important. Any government will love you if you think it's all-wise and all-knowing and will cheerfully hand over your children to fight in one stupid, profiteering war after another.
I know people who have visited Cuba in recent years. It's not the dreary place this guy thinks it is. They had a revolution and just as with ours in 1776- many people who liked the old status quo left the country. Most people stayed. The ones who left Cuba mainly included the folks who were well off, so of course they were unhappy to lose what they had. The sad thing is that if they had been able to share the resources better, there wouldn't have been a revolution and they wouldn't have lost anything. But a lot of those who stayed benefitted from the changes (health care, education, better food for more people). If Americans would just think for themselves and visit the place like other people do, they'd know that. Like everywhere, it's a mix of good, bad, and indifferent. Castro wanted to normalize relations with the US right away, but our government just wanted another "enemy" to keep us distracted. Same old story. They were fine with the old dictator, though. Our tax money goes to support plenty of dictators, our government gets huffy only when other countries try to get self-sufficient, put some restrictions on the corporations who shut down plants here to benefit from cheap labor elsewhere, and try to get decent labor laws and improve people's access to a decent life.

544 days ago


I'd go too if I could afford it 😔nobody pays me in gum🍬

544 days ago


I bet Tupac appreciated the visit

544 days ago

judy jetson    

They should stay there.

544 days ago


I went to Cuba in 2011. It was the best trip I've ever taken. GOOD FOR THEM!

544 days ago


What is the likeliness that they knew about the things happening in Cuba? ****, half of us here don't even know the extent of things in Cuba. I know I didn't. The US media does not, and I repeat, DOES NOT report on the conditions of Cuba. People learn about other areas current conditions based upon news stations. News stations report on areas like the middle east, hence the reason why everyone knows about it and knows to generally avoid that area. The media doesn't report on Cuba, which is the reason for the lack of information; which is not only on Jayz and Beyonce, but the majority of us as well. So the people saying "They don't care, etc etc." need to stop. It's more than likely not that they don't care but that they didn't know. And chances are, you didn't know either.

544 days ago


You really think those two give a flying f*** about the plight of the people of Cuba?

544 days ago


Jayz and Beyonce are ignorant and insulting.

544 days ago


That F'n Beyounce bag is one gene away from being mentally retarded so no wonder. She should not be let out alone.

544 days ago

Sparky McBoing Boing    

So according to wikipedia, it is not illegal to travel to Cuba........for 24hrs. Apparently it IS illegal for Americans to spend any money that's why they put a time limit on it. It's also illegal for the Cubans to give you anything for hotel rooms or food. Kind of a dumb law, but how do these two dopes get around it? Oh yeah, they have tons of cash that's how.

544 days ago


Every1 should know about how hard it is to live in cuba especially since rapper pitbull speak on it so much. Jay'z and beyonce I love them as artist but wat this was n their eyes is we're famous and should b above any1's law which is a horrible way to b even more cause beyonce always talking about women being strong anything. I give both jay'z and beyonce a thumbs down for this.

544 days ago

nipples mugee    

Why would they visit a communist country that wants to bomb the USA. And hates everything about America? Do they hate America ? America which made them wealthy .... What a couple of a$$clowns..

544 days ago


Just bring communism to America like Obama

544 days ago


This is not there fault is the system that would not allowed any other country history to be discuss in America thanks to the politicians that have there nose stuck in there ass.

544 days ago

Scott Levy    

This is no big surprise. They're big Obama supporters, after all.

544 days ago
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